Rich media SMS

This feature allows attaching additional media to SMS, e.g. pictures, video or PDF, all hosted by SMSAPI.

Rich Media campaigns give many possibilities for users to interact with received information or advertisement.

Rich Media feature is based on our short link service cut.li that comes with SMS. Clicking this link directs recipient to any media you’ll attach (this file will be hosted on our server). Link can be displayed in one form (e.g. cut.li/shop) or be generated individually for each recipient (e.g. cut.li/xyz).

SMS sending performed with unique cut.li link allows to measure later sms campaign efficiency. Report from Rich Media SMS will contain following information: time and date of a link click, recipient’s device and it’s operating system, and a browser used.

How to perform Rich Media SMS campaign?

  1. Prepare a file you wish to send with one of supported formats: TXT, GIF, PNG, JPG, MP3, OGG, MP4 and PDF ( maximum file size is 4 MB).
  2. Login to your account and go to SMS Gateway.
  3. Select proper tab and define campaign’s recipients.
  4. Compose SMS and use insert: File (Rich media) feature.
  5. Select file you wish to attach and define method of shortening link.
  6. Click Insert to put link in your message.
  7. After making sure, that everything is as planned – press Send.

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