SMPP Interface

SMPP Interface

SMPP Protocol

SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) is open standarized protocol designed to provide direct data communication between telecommunication system like Message Centres (SMSC) and Short Message Entities (SME/ESME) in order to send SMS messages between them. SMPP protocol is mostly used for communication with GSM operators and SMS aggregators (ESME <-> SMSC).

SMPP protocol is based on binary encoded pairs request/response PDUs (protocol data units, or packets) exchanged over OSI layer 4 connections (transport layer). Message exchange may be synchronous, where each peer waits for a response for each PDU being sent, or asynchronous, where multiple requests can be issued without waiting and acknowledged in a skew order by the other peer; the number of unacknowledged requests is called a window; for the best performance both communicating sides must be configured with the same window size.

Communication system used in SMPP allows to send SMS message without using handsets, GSM modems or SIM cards. SMPP systems allows to use a number of features not available for standard GSM devices i.e. alphanumeric sender names instead of standard phone numbers.

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