Statuses and error codes

API Error codes and delivery statuses

Delivery statuses

Number Status Description
401 NOT_FOUND Wrong ID or report has expired.
402 EXPIRED Messages expired.
403 SENT Message is sent.
404 DELIVERED Message is delivered to recipient.
405 UNDELIVERED Message is undelivered (invalid number, roaming error etc).
406 FAILED Sending message failed – please report it to us.
408 UNKNOWN No report (message may be either delivered or not).
409 QUEUED Message is waiting to be sent.
410 ACCEPTED Message is delivered to operator.

API Error Codes

Error code Description
8 Error in request (please report)
11 Message too long or there is no message or parameter nounicode is set and special characters (including Polish characters) are used.
12 Message has over 160 chars when parameter &single=1.
13 Lack of valid phone numbers (invalid or blacklisted numbers).
14 Invalid sender name.
17 FLASH message cannot contain special characters.
18 Invalid number of parameters.
19 Too many messages in one request.
20 Invalid number of IDX parameters.
27 Too long IDX parameter. Maximum 255 chars.
28 Invalid value of parameter time_restriction. Available values are: FOLLOW, IGNORE or NEAREST_AVAILABLE.
30 Wrong UDH parameter when &datacoding=bin
36 Trying to send bin message with footer is disallowed!
40 No group with given name in contacts database.
41 Chosen group is empty.
50 Messages may be scheduled up to 3 months in the future.
52 Too many attempts of sending messages to one number (maximum 10 attempts within 60s).
53 Not unique idx parameter, message with the same idx has been already sent and &check_idx=1.
54 Wrong date format (only unix timestamp and ISO 8601) when &date_validate=1.
56 The difference between date sent and expiration date can't be less than 1 and more tha 72 hours.
57 Recipient's number is on blacklist.
60 Group of codes with given name doesn't exist.
61 Group of codes expiry date has passed.
62 No more codes in given group (every code has been used already)
65 Not enough discount codes for the sending. The number of discount codes must be at least equal to number of messages to be sent.
66 There is no [%code] tag in the message with a &discount_group parameter (this tag is required)
70 Invalid CALLBACK address in notify_url parameter.
72 Parameter notify_url may be used only for single request (cannot be used for bulk submissions).
74 Date of sent is outside allowed timeframe set for this user.
75 No planned messages to delete.
76 Invalid encoding used in request. UTF-8 is required.
101 Invalid authorization info. ATTENTION! API password may be different than web panel password.
102 Invalid username or password.
103 Insufficient credits on Your account.
104 No such template.
105 Wrong IP address (for IP filter turned on).
106 Invalid link
110 Action not allowed for your account
200 Unsuccessful message submission, please repeat your request.
201 System internal error (please report).
202 Too many simultaneous request, message won't be sent.
203 Too many requests. Please try again later.
300 Invalid parameter &points value, &points=1 expected.
301 ID of messages doesn't exist.
400 Invalid message ID of a status response.
999 System internal error (please report).
1000 Action only available for main user.
1001 Invalid action (expected one of following parameters: add_user, set_user, get_user, credits).
1010 Subuser's adding error.
1020 Subuser's editing error.
1021 No data to edit, at least one parameter has to be edited.
1030 Checking user's data error.
1032 Subuser doesn't exist for this main user. This error may also occur when trying to get a subuser which does not contain main account username prefix and not using without_prefix parameter.
1100 Subuser's data error.
1110 Invalid new subuser's name
1111 New subuser's name is missing.
1112 Too short new subuser's name, it has to contain minimum 3 characters.
1113 Too long new subuser's name, subuser's name with main user's prefix may contain maximum 32 characters.
1114 Not allowed characters occured in subuser's name, following are allowed: letters [A – Z], digits [0 – 9] and following others @, -, _ and ..
1115 Another user with the same name exists.
1120 New subuser's password error.
1121 Password too short.
1122 Password too long.
1123 Password should be hashed with MD5.
1130 Credit limit error
1131 Parameter limit ought to be a number.
1140 Month limit error.
1141 Parameter month_limit ought to be a number.
1150 Wrong senders parameter value, binnary 0 and 1 values allowed.
1160 Wrong phonebook parameter vaule, binnary 0 and 1 values allowed.
1170 Wrong active parameter vaule, binnary 0 and 1 values allowed.
1180 Parameter info error.
1183 Parameter info is too long.
1190 API password for subuser's account error.
1192 Wrong API password lenght (password hashed with MD5 should have 32 chars).
1193 API password should be hashed with MD5.
2001 Invalid action (parameter add, status, delete or list expected).
2010 New sender name adding error.
2030 Sender name's status checking error.
2031 Such sender name doesn't exist.
2060 Default sender name error.
2061 Sender name has to be active for setting it as default.
2062 This sender name is already set as default.
2100 Data error.
2110 Sender name error.
2111 Sender name is missing for adding new sender name action (parameter &add is empty).
2112 Invalid Sender Name's name (i.e. Name containing special chars or name too long), sender name may contain up to 11 chars, chars allowed: a-z A-Z 0-9 - . [spacebar]
2115 Sender name already exist
4000 General contacts database error.
4001 Action not available for this account.
4002 Invalid action.
4003 Invalid parameter usage.
4004 Too large limit parameter value (i.e. for list_contacts action maximum value is 200).
4100 General groups' action error.
4101 Group not found.
4110 General group's name error.
4111 Invalid group's name.
4112 Group's name can not be empty.
4113 Group's name too short (min 2 chars).
4114 Group's name too long (max 32 chars).
4115 Forbidden chars appeard in group's name.
4116 Group already exists.
4121 Invalid Info field value for groups.
4122 Too long Info field value for contact (max 200 chars).
4200 General contact error.
4201 Contact not found.
4210 General phone number error.
4211 Invalid phone number.
4212 Contact has to contain phone number.
4213 Phone number is too short.
4214 Phone number is too long.
4220 First name error.
4221 First name too short (min 2 chars).
4222 First name too long (max 100 chars).
4230 Last name error.
4231 Last name too long (min2 chars).
4232 Last name too long (max 100 chars).
4240 Contact Info field error.
4241 Too long Info field value for contact (max 200 chars).
4250 E-mail address error for this contact.
4260 Birth date error for this contact.
4270 Group error for this contact.
4271 Group not found.
4272 Group name is neccessary for group actions.
4280 Gender error.

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