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Global coverage

SMSAPI supports over 800 mobile providers in more than 200 countries worldwide. We use only reliable network providers. Find out more in our Pricing section.

Sending SMS (Text Messaging)

It doesn't matter whether you're about to send 20 reminders to your employees about upcoming project deadline or 3,000,000 bulk SMS in a global brand campaign – our solution will suit you best. Try us NOW.

HLR Number Lookup

With our HLR Lookup service you can both check if selected number is valid and identify which network it belongs to, even if it has been ported from one mobile provider to another.

User friendly Web Interface

Ever wondered is it possible to pack all-the-best SMS marketing features in just 1 solution? You should try our online user interface – easy to get familiar with, easy to execute even most complicated SMS campaigns, easy to get addicted to it's all advantages.

Easy-to-use API

Integrating with our API is as easy as ABC. No matter what programming language you use – it will work with any you need (PHP, JAVA, C#, Python etc.).

Fast SMS

We're doing our best to deliver your SMS within 5 seconds. Of course it depends on current traffic in mobile provider network. If you have high priority text to be send ant want to be sure it hits receiver within few seconds try our Fast SMS service.

E-mail to SMS

You can send SMS texts even when using any email application. Simply send an email to send.do@smsapi.com, with properly formatted topic and your message will be converted into SMS. Click for more details.


Want to allow multiple users to manage your campaigns? Use our Sub-Accounts feature. This feature will allow you to create many accounts to perform actions on behalf of your main account.

Reports with statistics

We know that detailed information including most popular KPI's and statistics allows you to have better control and management of all your Bulk SMS campaigns. That's why you always get full report that summaries your campaign.

Phonebook incl. contact import

Simply upload list in preferred file format (CSV, XLS, TXT) or paste your numbers. You can include first and last name, and other fields into contact list, to customize outgoing messages.

SMS Personalization

You can put desired personal information like first or last name into message and see how it increases your customers engagement!

Schedule SMS

You can prepare your Bulk SMS campaign earlier and define when it should be send – simply define it using our Web Interface or API and we'll do the rest.

Long messages

SMS providers offer you texts up to 612 characters? We are better than that – using SMSAPI you'll be able to send up to 918 characters message long. How does it sound compared to standard 160 characters?

Message templates

Have proven-to-be-efficient texts? With possibility to save them and re-send whenever you need you can save a lot of unnecessary work. Just choose template you want to use and hit “Send”!

Short link Cut.li

Adding link into SMS text will change your message into most efficient marketing tool you can imagine – gain open rate scale that email campaign can only dream of.

Webmonitor SMS

Our Webmonitor SMS solution checks continuously your website and will text you if your site won't respond. Fee applies only if SMS notification is send, so you don't have to worry for excessive service costs.

Recommendation system

We believe that our customers are the ones that can share their SMSAPI positive experience with others. That's why for each registered and active company we'll give you special bonus.
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  • We highly recommend SMSAPI, as an effective and reliable tool for bulk SMS campaigns. Speed, flexibility in operation and many guarantees (...) have decided to make this platform our choice.
    Andrzej Morawski
    Chief Operating Officer
  • SMSAPI is reliable business partner for us, that responsibly (...) comes up to their commitments. The involvement and passion with which SMSAPI operates will surerly be a positive surprise for all.
    Paweł Sala
    Managing Director
  • As a part of the direct communication with clients actions we found out that one of the most effective forms or reaching set goals is the SMS channel. Our satisfaction is the best recommendation for SMSAPI platform.
    Dominik Kalinowski
    Trade Marketing Manager

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