Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to.

Richard Branson

no, passion!
We support our team all the time, so job would be pleasure, not only duty.
Vibe and team
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Chillout at work
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Our team
Fellows from all departments
We spend almost half of our lives at work. That’s a lot… It’s so much better to work with friendly people. And we are! Our team consists of skilled specialists who know their place and have a common goal. Every single one of us is different, yet we all manage to keep our positive attitude.
It all starts here, where our virtual service gains its speed. The sales department are both front-men and front-women of SMSAPI and the foundation that we build our relationships upon. We work with people and for people. Our task is to listen to our customers’ needs, establish trust, and expand our relationships. On the other hand, it is important to be inspired by our workers’ ideas and pass them to Business Development, so they come true. Our main job is to create new business situations and understand the needs on today’s market. It means we never get to spend the same day at work.
Customer service
Gaining a customer is just a beginning. The real challenge is to keep one! That’s what we do at Customer Support and Service. Our job is to constantly remain in touch with our customers and solving potential problems of our mutual projects right away, before they even appear. Our job requires constant optimism and the will-do attitude. We are eager to act! It’s the only way to assure proper Customer support and make sure we always have the friendly vibe necessary in this department.
We keep saying at the IT department that a man cannot live on coding alone. There are many fun things you can do around the office, like CS multiplayer or board games… But is it so? To be honest, good vibe is the most important thing for us! Self-development, interesting projects and professional possibilities – it’s all here. Our team consists of young and creative folks, who value working with innovative technologies and constantly challenge themselves. There’s no time for being bored!
We have eyes in the back of our heads! Our job is to monitor SMS platforms in several European countries. We make sure that our Customers can send SMS messages without any obstacles and trust us - we will not miss any bug. We react in the blink of an eye and face all difficulties like superheroes. But be careful! You can meet us in the office at different times of a day - in our team there are both night owls and early birds.
Business development
We are always on the edge – that’s the shortest description of our job at Business Development. We combine marketing, user experience, and IT. We are up to date with modern technologies and research. We observe how market changes, draw conclusions, analyze, and keep track of our customers’ preferences. We work with every other department, in order to help everyone to reach their full potential. Our aim is to develop products and services that meet all the market demands. The ones that keep up with the dynamically changing world. Right here and right now.
Accounting & Administration
We keep the money! Statistics, numbers, financial forecasts and complicated Excel fuctions are the staff of daily life for us. We settle invoinces in a flash and take care about financial flows in the company - we cooperate with every department to ensure stable and safe business development. Thanks to the spectacular spirit in the office we allow every collegue to develop his or her potential to the fullest. Energy is our magic weapon!
Accounting & Administration
SMSAPI is a part of LINK Mobility, that’s why you can come across specialist from the multinational Group in the Polish headquarters. Even though we have different tasks, we have the same goals (not only at the foosball table). SMSAPI and LINK Mobility is one big family, after all! Among the Group employees are HR specialist, graphic designer, DPO and many, many more.