Once you have your own database, you can add it into Contacts database on your account on SMSAPI.
Sending SMS to numbers from Contacts database gives you availability for grouping contacts by any parameter, eg. first name, age, sex, e-mail address or city.

Database segmentation allows you to send messages precisely selected for needs of the targeted group. Thanks to that, you'll increase efficiency and optimize the cost.

Availability of targeting shipments depends mostly on that, how much information you import to system. Contacts import can be done by uploading proper-formatted CVS file.

CSV file scheme (columns and rows) should look like that:

  • "Name";"Surname";"Number";"Info";"Sex";"Date of birth";"City";"Email"
  • "John";"Kowalski";"48600500500";"Information";"Male";"14-07-1974";"London";"abc**@example.com"
  • "Andrew";"Bush";"48600600500";"Information";"Female";"13-03-1976";"New York";"abc**@example.net"

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