Fast SMS

Choose the Fast SMS service if you want:

  • your messages to be the first to reach their recipients
  • reach your recipients in the blink of an eye
  • send an urgent SMS notification
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Fast SMS

  • Introduction

    Sometimes you want to make sure your message really reaches its recipient in just a few seconds. It might be an urgent matter, or an information which is valid in a short period of time (hours or even minutes).

    Although we try to guarantee delivery within under 5 seconds, sometimes a high SMS traffic may occur. That's why we decided to offer a solution which omits such problems and sends your messages as priority ones.

  • How does Fast SMS work?

    Together with mobile operators, we added distinctive connections which allow us to send a Fast SMS to a specific number only (messages to a group of number will be sent by means of a conventional dispatch channel).

    Therefore, Fast SMS can't be used to send messages in bulk (it is forbidden to use fast channel to send messages with advertising content – any attempt will be automatically blocked). Sending Fast SMS is available using our online SMS gateway and the SMS API interface.

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