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Discover how to profit from business bulk SMS and:

  • reach your clients directly with an easy text messaging tool,
  • use the potential of SMS communication on all steps of customer journey,
  • choose the most effective access to the SMS marketing platform.

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Business SMS communication

SMS for companies

Discover a scalable communication solution for companies. SMS notifications and marketing are invaluable tools for brands of all sizes.

No matter the business sector, SMS provides fast and direct communication with clients, leads and employees. Use this relatively cheap yet effective channel to send marketing messages, important updates and payment reminders.

Mass SMS for e-commerce

Automate the B2C communication. Take advantage of the open API, programming libraries, and hundreds of available integrations to optimize sales and customer service of your online business.

SMSAPI bulk SMS platform is connected with most popular CRM, marketing automation and e-commerce systems. Provide your customers with relevant information on purchase process, introduce safe two-factor authentication and sell abandoned shopping carts.

SMS communication for public institutions

Launch a mobile communication channel in city hall, public organization or NGO. Reach citizens with news, urgent notices directly on their phones, no matter their location and Internet access.

Use the two-way text messaging to gather feedback from the citizens. Run quick surveys, polls and voting with automated text message service.

Essential elements of SMS messaging

SMS sender name

Choose your own sender name to be displayed on the receiver’s phones instead of a telephone number. Build brand awareness, increase the credibility and effectiveness of your SMS communication.

Personalization of the content

Make the text communication even more personal using custom information entries. For example, put [%first_name%] in the body text and our system will automatically fill every message with the correct customer name from your database.

Short URL

Increase the conversion rate by directing the recipients to your website. Keep track of the incoming traffic by using short links integrated with the bulk SMS platform.

SMS templates

Save time on repeatable messages – store them as templates for the later use. Access them anytime, fill with relevant data and send right away.
SMS sender name

Applications of bulk SMS communication

Registering to SMSAPI gives you access to the complete SMS communication suite. Fully-integrated functionalities of the messaging platform are effective on all stages of the sales funnel. Check how to build your contact databases in accordance with the GDPR, boost your brand credibility, run efficient marketing campaigns, monitor results, and interact with the customers.

Lead acquisition

Lead acquisition

A contact database is the key to effective bulk SMS campaign. Mobile communication and SMS marketing are GDPR-compliant, as long as they are conducted with a respect to clients’ privacy. We are providing tools that will enable legal database building and management of sales leads.

  • SMS Newsletter – complete and fast solution for e-commerce and online businesses. The form-based widget is easily customizable: all the fields are editable, just like its layout. That’s why it can be adjusted to the campaign’s needs as well as website design. Leads collected with the SMS Newsletter are fully GDPR-compliant.
  • 2-Way SMS – engage customers in the traditional communication channels, e.g. TV, radio, outdoor and press. Acquire sales leads by engaging with them via SMS. Virtual mobile numbers are excellent tools of relationship building. They will also enable you to run out-of-the-box marketing campaigns.
  • Opt-out SMS – an automated subscription management tool. The integrated Unsubsc.me system is based on a link included in the message body. Upon clicking it, the corresponding number is automatically excluded from all future campaigns saving money and time needed for the manual database management.
  • HLR – an element of the telecommunication infrastructure which you can use to check the validity of numbers in your database before sending a bulk. It shows wrong, missing and inactive numbers to be excluded.
Bulk SMS marketing

Bulk SMS marketing

Text messaging is an essential channel of mobile marketing. With it, your offers will reach clients’ phones quickly and directly, even without an Internet connection. According to our studies, the majority of SMS are read within the first 5 minutes after delivery. And you can expect equally fast reaction from the recipients. Links will let you direct the traffic to your website and monitor the campaign effectiveness.

  • SMS Branding – an SMS with a sender name is a basic, free-of-charge feature of mobile communication. The phone number from which a message is sent is masked with a chosen name (consisting up to 11 characters). Branded text messages increase brand awareness and credibility of the communication. All sender name IDs are verified by our staff and might not be available in every country.
  • Short links – an URL address in text message will help you to direct customers to brand’s website. To make linking easier, we have created the Cut.li tool which lets your shorten a web address, e.g. cut.li/bulk. It has been integrated with the Customer Portal so it’s possible to monitor the traffic generated by the SMS campaign and edit your links.
  • Coupons, vouchers and SMS discounts – because of their high Open Rate, promotional codes sent in text messages are very effective. You’ll find an integrated coupon generator in the Customer Portal.
  • Abandoned cart recovery – set the automated SMS reminders informing about uncompleted purchases and discounted items from the wish lists. Add a discount code and link to seal the deal directly on the mobile device.
  • Loyalty program – take advantage of the direct communication channel to engage with your most loyal customers. Use text messages to deliver exclusive deals and special offers.
  • Send from a file – use contacts stored in a file (CSV, XLS, XLSX, ODS or TXT) to send bulk SMS. Regardless of its size, a database imported to the system can be quickly used for the mass SMS campaign.
Customer service with SMS

Customer service with SMS

An automated text messaging is an essential part of the efficient customer service. SMS channel is valued for its speed, consistency and low system requirements. Consequently, it is frequently used to inform about the purchase and shipment. Hundreds of ready-to-use integrations allows you to connect the bulk SMS gateway with the most popular CRM and e-commerce platforms. Automate processes and optimize your online business with text messages now.

  • Automated notifications – due to its advantages, SMS is a preferred channel for quick notifications. Integration with sales management platforms automate the system messaging. Transactional SMS might inform about product availability, payment confirmation, order completion, shipment, and delivery.
  • SMS reminders – will come in useful in services as an appointment reminders and a way to inform the clients about important matters. The delivery of personalized messages can be scheduled in advance.
  • Debt collection – use text messages to send effective reminders about the overdue payments. An incoming text message draws attention, use it to your advantage to send an update about a forgotten invoice or an upcoming loan instalment. Add a link to quick payment to increase the effectiveness of the debt collection.
  • Multifactor authentication – SMS is a popular method of login and sensitive data verification. SMS Authentication feature of the Customer Portal increases the security of the users’ accounts and is easy to implement.

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Customer portal and mobile application

Send text messages from a web browser on computer or from a mobile application. The web version of the Platform gives access to all functionalities, settings, payments and advanced features. Here, you will also configure your account and API connection. The mobile version is a streamlined version of the Portal. It’s invaluable in urgent situations when you need an instant access to SMS communication.

Web browser

  • Full access to features
  • Intuitive interface
  • Support chat


  • Essential functionalities
  • Quick access
  • Always ready


Connect any system with the bulk SMS platform. Use an open API and free libraries to automate communication and SMS marketing.

  • Automate – prepare message templates, set delivery triggers, and optimize customer service.
  • Personalize – data acquired from your clients is valuable asset, use it to create engaging messages. Use parameters to automatically fill SMS templates with relevant information.
  • Segmentation and targeting – precisely choose target group relying on the information from database. Run the effective and measurable marketing set to achieve sales goals.
  • Advanced SMS campaigns – use API to conduct complex promotional campaigns in ATL, during live events and in social media.


Check the full list of available integration with e-commerce, marketing automation and CRM systems.

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Advantages of SMSAPI

Bandwidth: 7 million SMS per hour
Global reach
99,9% uptime
24/7 monitoring
Direct agreements with GSM operators
Operating since 2007
1 billion messages sent in a year
9,500 active clients globally
SMSAPI is a part of LINK Mobility Group
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