Marketing SMS Video Guide

Learn the practical secrets of SMS video marketing. Find out:

  • How to start the business SMS communication?
  • How to collect customer data for your future SMS campaigns?
  • How to create an engaging SMS content?
  • How to measure effectiveness and combine SMS marketing with other marketing channels?
  • How does the SMSAPI Customer Portal work?

SMSAPI Customer Portal – Do It Yourself

Go step by step through the SMSAPI Customer Portal and discover the most popular functionalities of the bulk SMS platform.

SMSAPI DIY: Customer Portal Walkthrough #1

Get to know the Portal structure and find out where to look for the features you are interested in bulk SMS messaging, contact database and Additional functions supporting your SMS marketing.

SMSAPI DIY: First Steps in the Customer Portal #2

In this part you will learn how to manage your account in SMSAPI: add company data, get your own alphanumeric sender name and top up your account using various payment methods.

SMSAPI DIY: SMS Gateway #3

In this episode, we tell you how to send SMS via SMS Gateway. Learn all the most important elements of your first SMS campaign: composing message content, selecting the sender name and additional parameters like URL or discount codes.

SMSAPI DIY: Contact Database #4

Learn how to manage contacts in the SMSAPI Customer Portal and create recipient groups for the SMS campaigns. In this episode we will introduce importing databases from a file, adding custom fields and managing the blacklist.

SMSAPI DIY: Building Your Own Customer Base with Newsletter SMS #5

This time, learn how to build your own database of recipients, which is a key element of effective SMS campaign. Discover how to implement Newsletter SMS widget on your website and allow your target group to manage subscription.

SMSAPI DIY: SMS Campagins from the File #6

See how easy it is to send SMS campaigns to contacts from your CSV, XLS, XLSX, ODS files. Use SMSAPI to import and send bulks to your customer database with few simple steps.

SMSAPI DIY: Birthday SMS and Periodic SMS features #7

Find out how to use Periodic and Birthday SMS features to send automated campaigns at specific intervals.

SMSAPI DIY: History and Reports #8

In the episode, you'll learn how to view your bulks history and read their delivery statuses. We also advise on how to generate short and detailed reports on the history of account activity.

SMSAPI DIY: Shortened Links #9

This time you will learn how to use the shortened link as a part of SMS message. It allows you to transfer your recipient from offline to the online world. We'll also show you how to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns.

SMSAPI DIY: Users Management #10

Learn how to manage users of your account: add and edit user accounts, assign roles, limit credits and give individual access to the SMSAPI Portal functions.

Basics of SMS communication in 160 seconds

Watch a series of videos with the essential knowledge about SMS marketing: 6 episodes of introduction to SMS communication and 10 instructional videos on navigating the SMSAPI Customer Portal. Discover key areas of bulk SMS messaging. Following these guidelines will help you set up your account efficiently and quickly send your first SMS campaign.

About SMS in 160 Seconds - Episode 01

Our clients' data show that over 70% of SMS messages are read within 5 minutes of delivery. Learn about the basic categories of text messages, essential elements of the SMS content. The episode ends with an introduction to the contact database management.

About SMS in 160 Seconds - Customer Database - Episode 02

In SMS marketing, the customer numbers database is very important. The effectiveness of the SMS campaign depends on the quality of this database. Find out what personalization and targeting are and how to collect databases for your future campaigns.

About SMS in 160 Seconds - SMS Content - Episode 03

An SMS message contains of 160 characters. These characters determine the image of the company in the eyes of a customer. What draws an attention in the SMS message? Learn about the elements you shouldn’t miss in the body of the message and find out how to engage recipients.

About SMS in 160 Seconds - Unique Features - Episode 04

Discover extra features which can accelerate your SMS marketing efficiency. Learn about Two-way communication based on Virtual Mobile Numbers, short links in the SMS message, discount codes. Integrate SMSAPI with your system via open API or ready-to-use integrations with popular apps like Zapier, WooCommerce and many others.

About SMS in 160 Seconds - Summary - Episode 05

Due to the quick access and widespread use of a mobile phone, SMS is an appropriate communication channel with various groups of recipients. Watch the Summary of SMS in 160 Seconds series containing statistics of SMS marketing.

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