SMS Notifications

Improve communication with the customers using automated SMS notifications, and:

  • send relevant information about orders or services,
  • deliver important and urgent messages,
  • reduce the number of inquiries directed to your customer service office.
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SMS notifications for companies

SMS notifications are automated text messages sent by the IT system. They can inform about the purchasing process, orders placed by the customer, as well as mean of login authorization or remind about upcoming meetings and events. Text notifications can be sent from any system integrated with the bulk SMS communication platform.

Customer service via SMS

Customer service via SMS

Unlike SMS marketing, text messages informing about the purchasing process are part of the services provided by the company. Quick notifications about changes in the order’s status, meeting schedule or reminders about upcoming events and payments, as well as data verification, are the standard of the customer service and the sales processes.

Automated system messages are a staple of B2C communication. They save resources and time of customer service department and are valued by the clients.

Moreover, transactional text messages are fully compliant with GDPR. In most cases, they do not require additional consents; however, you should inform about them in the company's privacy policy.


Thanks to our open API, it is possible to conduct bulk SMS campaigns from any IT system. It is enough to use the ready-to-go connections or create new ones. SMSAPI is integrated with the most popular e-commerce platforms and tools, CRM, ERP and marketing automation. We also invite you to participate in the SMSAPI affiliate program!

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