SMS Notifications

Enhance your corporate communication, set up automatic SMS notifications for your customers, allowing you to:

  • confirm an order, payment, delivery or visit safely and in compliance with GDPR,
  • remind your customer of an overdue invoice or other important matters,
  • reduce the number of enquiries to the service desk.

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How does the text message notification system work?

Text message notifications are automatic text messages sent by an SMS system connected to an external tool such as e-commerce, CRM, marketing automation or other SaaS. Messages are delivered according to specific fixed rules and in accordance with SMS content templates. Check the list of available integrations or create your own one with an open SMS API.

Customer service via SMS

Transactional messages are part of the services provided by the company, so - unlike SMS marketing - no marketing consent (GDPR) is required to post them. An automatic SMS notification system in an online shop or other business saves time and is convenient for the buyer.

Information on a change in order status, payment, delivery or an SMS reminder of an appointment or overdue invoice is the customer service standard. As research confirms, important information being delivered quickly and surely is crucial for a high rating of the quality of consumer service.

Automatic SMS notifications for companies, institutions and applications - examples

SMS notifications will be used in e-commerce, services and all other branches of commerce and the public sector. From automatic SMS for delivery and new logins to appointment reminders, debt collection and quick security alerts - choose your industry and see examples of mobile communication applications.

SMS notifications in the online shops

SMS notifications keep you informed about the progress of the purchasing process, delivery, complaints and returns in e-commerce. With SMSs, you will do an NPS satisfaction survey and also implement two-factor authentication. SMS messages for the online outlet also include marketing and image applications.

Transactional SMS

We have booked the payment for order No. 1367. The package has been handed over to a courier company. Thank you!

Wish list SMS notifications

A wish list product is currently discounted! Place your order at

Rescuing abandoned shopping carts

Come back to us and complete your shopping! You don't have to look for a better deal, because you won't find one anyway. ;)

Product is available again

The GLEBA 3000 soil tiller is now available again. Order now!

NPS SMS satisfaction survey

On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend our products? Reply NPS.1 - I will not recommend, NPS.10 - I will definitely recommend. Cost at operator rate.

Data authorization

Enter the code: 670912 to confirm the changes.

- Shupe Shop

SMS for stationary shops and service undertakings

Bulk SMS is a convenient tool for internal and outbound communication. With their help, large, medium and small stationary businesses can streamline their work and ensure customer satisfaction. Integration with a calendar allows a text message to be sent to remind customers of an appointment. Examples from the service industry follow below.

Set up an appointment reminding SMS

Magda, at 16:00 we are waiting at the El Cepillo hair salon!

SMS alert about changes in operation

Since April we have been open longer, from 9am to 7pm, on all days except Mondays - because nobody liked them anyway.

Quick message to customers

It's time to replace your winter tyres! Call and make an appointment: 232451698

SMS loyalty club service

30 points added. There are already 9001 points in your VIP account.

Order delivery, couriers

SMS dispatch with delivery date and time is an attractive alternative to easily overlooked emails or time-consuming phone calls. Quick SMS notification of a courier's visit can be complemented by automated appointment handling. All you need to do is use SMS receipt integrated into the CMS.

SMS delivery notifications

Your package number 5002 has been received at the branch.

SMS notification of courier visit

Good morning, today at 4:30 PM, the courier Orderlo will appear with the package number 23099. Regards, Orderlo team.

Automation of the delivery calendar

Order No. 433221 will be delivered on 4/7/22 at 18:00

Reply CHANGE to change the date or time of delivery.

Satisfaction surveys

Thank you for using the services of our courier company.

Would you recommend our services? Please reply with YES or NO

SMS reminders and confirmations for medicine and healthcare

Set up automatic appointment reminders, transmit prescriptions, recommendations thanks to automatic SMS. A messaging system combined with a patient service programme streamlines the workflow in a hospital, clinic or veterinary practice. Text messages are faster than the telephone and can always be re-read.

Appointment reminder

A visit to Smith MD:

Monday 17:10, room 14

Notification of a released appointment

An earlier appointment with Ash MD is available. We invite you half an hour earlier.

Automatic drug dose reminder

Please take your medications as prescribed by your doctor and drink plenty of water. If you have any questions, please contact: 123 456 789

SMS log-in notifications

ApoteMed has detected a new login.

SMS for the office, public institutions, NGOs and TSOs

The SMS notification system for residents is an accessible source of information about issues and events in the region. For reasons of speed, certainty and security, the public sector uses SMS during emergencies. The use of SMS with a name instead of a number by an office makes communication more reliable.

SMS notifications about document collection

Driving licence ready for collection! Documents can be collected at window B6 on the ground floor Mon-Fri, 7.30am-3.30pm.

SMS appointment reminders

Meeting at the Town Hall: Please join us tomorrow at 10:00 am in room 42A on the third floor. Please remember to bring your printed document.

SMS information for the municipality

The water mains being under modernization, please take note that the disturbance in the water supply in Ciepła street is expected to occur tomorrow from 9:00 to 9:15.

Instant security alerts

Warning! A powerful storm is coming - please stay at home and secure your property. More information at

SMS for transport and logistics companies

Automated text messages mean an easier and faster flow of information between employees and drivers. They always arrive directly on phones, regardless of internet access. Global SMS dispatches therefore prove themselves as a communication channel for distributed companies.

Automatic messages about orders

Order number 089778 has been completed.

Automatic SMS traffic alerts

Difficulties on A1 road. Detour recommended.

Global SMS internal communication channel

We would like to remind you that you can take out insurance for the whole family. Offer at:

Interaction with employees, SMS notifications in recruitment

Confirm participation in the training by writing back: TRAINING.YES

Banks, SMS debt collection, loans and insurance

Text messaging is the preferred channel for reaching customers of financial institutions, banks and insurance companies. Automated messages convey notifications of instalments and upcoming debts. SMS debt collection is a safe tool that improves the repayment of overdue debts.

A reminder of the repayment date

The loan instalment repayment date will expire on September 20. Make a deposit to avoid being charged interest.

Unpaid invoice notification

There’s an overdue invoice no 600098890. Please pay it as soon as possible to avoid additional costs:

Amicable debt collection SMS message content

You have upcoming liabilities. Make an appointment with our consultant: 060 666 060

Data verification, SMS code, two-factor authentication (2FA SMS)

Confirm data in FinaFix - verification code: UH76H


Online shops
Stationary shops and service premises
Order delivery, couriers
Health care, medical care
Public offices and institutions
Logistics, transport and supply chain
Banks, debt collection and loans

SMS integrations for e-commerce and more

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