SMS campaigns ideas in various businesses

Every business has different needs and expectations. Find your niche and get inspired with probable SMS scenarios.

  • E-commerce
    • Get and keep Customer. Send information about status change, dispatch and availability of the product,
    • Increase open and conversion rate. You can send update about new products, special offers or events with short links to your e-shop,
    • Keep Customer up to date with his cases and orders, ask for feedback with SMS surveys.
  • Tourism
    • Keep Customer informed. Send instant SMS notifications about booking details, changes and remind about upcoming events,
    • Use the power of remarketing. Get back in touch with ex-clients and suggest last minute and discounts for the next trips,
    • Get feedback. Use short links with surveys to understand Customers’ perspective about your services.
  • Insurance
    • Increase sales volume. Send time-bounded offers and discounts. Remind existing Clients about expiring insurance policies,
    • Make yourself visible. Build your own Customer base with Newsletter SMS widget on your website,
    • Boost productivity internally. Choose 2Way communication to set up meetings in order to save time of your insurance brokers.
  • Administration
    • Improve workflow. Within SMS notifications you can shorten the time of documents flow in the City Hall and many other administration offices,
    • Make debt collection proceedings more effective. Set automatic SMS reminders about the expiring date of payment and inform about the following procedures.
    • Keep your recipients entertained. Use SMS notifications to inform them about the upcoming events organized by your office.
  • Gastronomy
    • Boost retention rate. Use loyalty programs to inform your guests about brand new menu and possible changes,
    • Get and keep Customers. Build your own database with Newsletter SMS widget and offer additional discounts for the first order,
    • Keep Customer satisfaction high. Inform as fast as possible about delays, show your gratitude, give your best birthday’s wishes and invite your Customer to make the next orders.
  • Medical
    • Decrease the number of cancelled appointments. Remind your Patients about upcoming visits with automatic SMS notifications.
    • Keep Patients satisfaction high. Inform them about the test results ready to be picked up, use 2Way communication to let them contact the doctor whenever help is needed.
    • Give them more. Inform Customers about additional free tests or special days like Cancer Prevention day.
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