Short link in a text message

A short link in a text message increases the chance of conversion, and it's also a proven way to measure the effectiveness of a mobile campaign. By the way, a simple URL gives more space for the content of the message. Learn about the URL shortener integrated with SMSAPI.

The next step is to shorten URLs on the company's domain. This is a professional solution for businesses that care about a consistent image and secure communication with customers.

SMS with a shortened link in your own domain

Two ways to shorten URLs URL shortener

The URL shortener is integrated with a bulk SMS system. The link can lead to a web page or any other content such as a file, graphic, video, recording, document, form or map. The end of the short URL is generated automatically or you can set it yourself before sending the SMS campaign.

URL shortener

URL shortener and a short URL in a domain - a comparison

Advantages link

Link in your own domain


Easy to remember

More characters to use in the message content

Enhanced analytics (UTM)

Easy to associate with the brand

Consistent marketing and branding activities


Configuration in the SMSAPI Customer Portal

Management of short URLs

Statistics and effectiveness reporting

Technical support

Access control

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SMS link campaigns are a source of useful information

Data obtained by the URL shortener

Measuring the effectiveness of an SMS campaign is based on comparing the size of the dispatch with the achievement of a selected goal. This could be the number of promotional coupons used, calls made or even clicks on a link included in the text message.

The resulting conversion rate is sufficient to determine the effectiveness of the campaign, but does not provide any deeper insight into customer behaviour. The URL shortener, on the other hand, provides some additional information.

Detailed data obtained through web analytics

Much deeper insight can be provided by web analytics tools such as Google Analytics. With their help, you can see what path the customers followed, which content caught their attention. In order to link your website traffic to your mobile campaign, use the UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) parameters.

An address with a UTM parameter is usually very long, so consider shortening the link to an accessible form. To do this, you can use both the URL shortener and the domain link.

How do you measure the effectiveness of an SMS campaign?

Link with UTM allows you to track anonymous sessions of users who clicked on a link in an SMS message. This is the most accurate, yet free and fairly simple method of measuring the effectiveness of mobile marketing.

See the video tutorial on how you use short URLs to study the effectiveness of SMS campaigns. You can generate the UTM parameter itself using the free Google Campaign URL Builder tool.

How to shorten a URL in a text message?

The URL shortener is available for free to all SMSAPI customers. Contact us to run short links on your own domain.