Virtual Mobile Numbers

Use 2way SMS to receive SMS messages from your customers.


  • instant feedback from your customers
  • innovative communication channel
  • ability to execute creative marketing campaign
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Benefits from using VMN

  • Building brand image

    Using VMN can allow a company to get valuable information, e.g. how customers see its services or products, how do they like brand or what’s important in their opinion etc.

    Such information, collected with prepared SMS surveys, can become an asset in further brand development.

  • Interaction with customer

    Ability to receive SMS from customers allows to lead interesting interaction with them.

    Such feature can be used in e.g. SMS competitions, SMS polls, SMS surveys, SMS voting, actions automation, security systems (registration, logging in, executing reserved activities on site).

  • Simplicity of usage

    There are several options on how you can receive SMS messages from your clients: via email, SMS message or using a callback address.

    Thanks to simplicity we’re certain this feature can be widely used by our customers.

Receiving SMS in Customer Panel

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Received messages are available after logging in to SMSAPI Customer Panel.

Thanks to published integration API, you can configure receiving messages in your services or/and software.

Notification about messages

Our platform allows to set up e-mail/SMS notification about received SMS.

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