Business API

Communicate with your clients via the new channel and:

  • reach customers on one of the most popular online communicators
  • be one of the first companies to implement WhatsApp in their portfolio
  • create a business profile and make you B2C communication consistent

WhatsApp Business API is available

Get access to the WhatsApp business solution with an easy to setup API connection. Engage your clients freely by upgrading and expanding your reach to WhatsApp mobile app.

Advantages of the solution

  • Icon of the globe that symbolizes the global reach of WhatsApp Business API

    Global reach

    Reach clients locally and globally – there are more than 2 billion users of WhatsApp in over 180 countries.

  • Engagement icon in WhatsApp Business API

    High engagement

    WhatsApp provides higher delivery and conversion rates than other communication channels.

  • Chat icon via WhatsApp Business API

    Popular application

    Provide the customer support on the clients’ preferred app.

WhatsApp Business API – how does it work?

WhatsApp Business API can be a part of a broader omnichannel strategy.

  • Use WhatsApp to interact with your customers via API.
  • Reach clients in your country and abroad.
  • Automate communication.
  • Use message templates and chatbots.
  • Profit from the automate conversations.
  • Integrate WhatsApp with your CRM or other customer service tools.

Business profile

Create a verified business profile with the essential information, like company description, address, e-mail, and website.

Business profile

Notifications and alerts

Send important notifications automatically, e.g., flight info, reservation confirmations, shipping details, reminders, alerts, and more.

Notifications and alerts

Automated messaging

Setup automated messaging about the availability of customer service after the working hours of your office. Create a chatbot to answer FAQ and optimize the work of consultants.

Automated messaging

Customer service

Answer questions of your customers via WhatsApp thanks to CRM integrations. Support multiple customers at the same time.

Customer service

Identity verification and two-factor authentication

Protect the privacy of your customers with secure two-factor authentication (2FA) and end-to-end encryption.

Identity verification and two-factor authentication

WhatsApp communicator for business

WhatsApp Business API is a secure and reliable solution for companies looking for a new communication channel. You can reach up to 2 billion users in more than 180 countries. Be closer to your customers with WhatsApp Business API and communicate with them wherever they are.

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