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What operator does this number belongs to?

Few words about phone number verification with HLR

HLR (Home Location Register)

HLR is an abbreviation of Home Location Register. This is part of the telecommunication infrastructure used in mobile networks to store information about subscribers and it supports connection pooling.

Why to use HLR?

Checking the number in the HLR database is a service that is implemented for more efficient database management. It allows you to check the home GSM network for selected number and verify if number is correct and active. This way you can exclude wrong numbers from the database, and check which network does the number belong to.

Advantages of using HLR

The availability of such a service is a great convenience for businesses that buy/collect a numbers database, due to the possibility of carrying out advance checks on their quality.

In addition, segregation of numbers in a database according to their home GSM network, can reduce the cost of telephone calls in the Call Center.

How to check numbers with SMSAPI?

There are three ways to check numbers: single, from file or by API.

Single number

As you are logged to platform, just pick More functions and Check number - HLR tab. Simply put the number you want to check in text field.

After a few seconds you'll get information about checked number's network and if number has been ported before.

From file

If you want to check more numbers, you can simply upload them to platform from .csv file.

In this case, process can take slightly longer, so there is availability to provide an email address on which the alert will be sent to, when the report will be downloadable in customer panel.

Through API

More informations: SMS API Interface

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