2 way SMS communication

Learn how to use and profit from 2 way SMS business communication

Discover how to engage your customers and:

  • How to use virtual phone numbers in a communication with clients
  • What are the business applications of virtual phone numbers
  • How to plan and run the two-way SMS campaigns
  • How to collect valuable contact databases and automatize communication

How to engage with your customers via SMS?

2 way communication changes the traditional role of brand as a main sender of communication. It allows customers to lift the barriers between them and a company. Clients can react to a message at once and it is no longer one-way flow of information, but a real conversation. Discover potential of 2-way SMS communication.

Conversation via an SMS channel is possible thanks to the virtual phone numbers.

What’s a virtual phone number?

Virtual phone numbers are numbers which companies use to send and receive messages from the clients. They function similarly to Premium numbers, but with an important difference: they are not charged extra by operators. Replying to the messages sent from such numbers is charged the same as texting a regular number. That’s why, virtual phone numbers are considered the tool of trust and loyalty building.

Please contact our Sales Department to get more information on 2 way communication in your country.

How to profit from 2 way communication?

First of all, it makes certain processes easier, automatic and smoother. For example, clients can manage the appointment calendar, change the delivery date or confirm reservations. Furthermore, it generates sales leads – client who sends you an SMS is clearly interested in your offer and wants to interact with the brand. Use it to your advantage and engage the client.

The main benefits of using virtual phone numbers:

  • instant feedback – conduct fast surveys and customer care questionnaires;
  • interaction with the clients – communicate with the clients and organize interactive contests that you can promote in other channels: TV, press, radio, outdoor and digital;
  • collect leads for your future campaigns;
  • easy to implement – receive messages directly in Customer Portal, get notified by SMS/e-mail and integrate with any system or application.

2 way SMS communication – frequently asked questions

  1. What is the difference between a virtual phone number and “Premium” number?

    To begin with, answering to virtual phone number is not charged extra by GSM operators. Standard SMS rates apply. Unlike Premium numbers, they are meant for business-client relation building, information exchange and interaction. Furthermore, we have never and never will support Premium numbers service to ensure a proper perception of 2-way communication.

  2. How much does virtual phone number cost?

    Because of the fees imposed by the local GSM operators there’s no universal pricing. Please contact us for the exact quotation. Receiving and reading SMS sent by the clients is free. Replying to virtual phone number is charged the same as writing to regular numbers.

  3. Is 2way SMS communication compliant with GDPR?

    Of course, but remember that according to GDPR, the consent must be voluntary, precise, conscious and unequivocal. In this case, sending an SMS to designated number is treated as a consent. Personal data of contests, surveys, questionnaires and SMS subscriptions should be processed in accordance with art. 5 EU GDPR. It means following rules: lawfulness, honesty, transparency, purpose limitation, data minimization, correctness, storage limitation, integrity, confidentiality and accountability.

  4. Is it possible to call back the virtual phone number?

    No, the virtual phone numbers are created only for two-way SMS communication.

  5. Can I set my own number as a receiving number?

    Due to a difficulty of the transfer process we suggest using one of our virtual phone numbers.

How to collect leads with text messages?

SMS communication should be based on the principles of permission marketing. In most cases it yields better results, both in terms of sales and brand’s image. To do so, we suggest using two features of the SMSAPI platform:

  • SMS Newsletter – a widget that allows clients to subscribe to the brand’s contact base. The tool is easy to implement and contains all consents required by GDPR.
  • Virtual phone number which is best presented in a highly visible location (main webpage, video, printed press). Don’t forget to get consents from clients.

The biggest advantage of a virtual phone number is the fact of skipping naturally risky stages of the sales funnel. Thanks to the two-way SMS communication you can eliminate lead nurturing phases during which you can easily “lose” leads. Messages sent by clients are clear signals of their interest. Use them, to send personalized links leading directly to your online store or simply call them back with more details.

Multichannel campaigns with virtual phone numbers – Case Studies

Outdoor campaign with SMS short code

Coca Cola

During „Share the happiness” campaign, Coca Cola have placed interactive billboards on the streets of Polish cities. They have been displaying a virtual phone number along the instruction on how to change a name on a digital bottle.

Campaign was based on a virtual phone number integrated via API with the billboard display control system. By sending an SMS one queued a name to be displayed next. There were no additional costs of sending an SMS.

Magnat paints

Magnat paints has organized an SMS contest. They asked to complete the sentence “With Magnat on the wall…” by sending an SMS with the answer to a virtual phone number. The most interesting answers were rewarded each day. The number was presented during the TV spots and on the contest website.

Printed ad with 2-way SMS messaging


One of the American dealers of Ford have used SMS as a part of a bigger campaign. They have placed an ad in a local newspaper in which they have explained how to get more information on the new deal for a car.

Numbers, collected during the initial stage of the campaign, were placed in the sales data base. In the next step, consultants were calling the clients back and appointing the test drives.

Surveys and SMS polls

Receiving messages allows you to run surveys, polls, and quizzes. The main advantage of the solution is its ease of implementation. Furthermore, contesters can stay offline to play it. All you need is SMSAPI Customer Portal and virtual phone number. The answers will be sent directly to your system via API or to the Portal.

That’s exactly how the SMS quizzes are conducted during partner meetings by Arkana company. They are meant not only to engage eventgoers but also to educate them about the new products. Additionally, the company gathers numbers in their contact database. Before joining the fun, all must consent to further communication. After each event, the company gains new, highly valuable leads.

Customer care and satisfaction research

Virtual phone numbers can automatize the customer service. Instead of asking questions during a phone call or by e-mailing a link to survey, a company can send a quick message. According to our study, SMS reach their targets quicker than any other medium. An answer to a simple question usually takes seconds and is less engaging than e-mail or conversation. Virtual phone number is an excellent tool for collecting feedback from your customers.

Furthermore, the virtual phone number is a tool which allows customers to manage their orders and appointments on their own. An integration with a customer relationship management software or a restaurant reservation system allows them to take control of the calendar. By sending an SMS, user can change the date or place of shipment or an appointment.

2 way SMS communication – quick facts

You know all the most important ways of using virtual phone numbers. In case of further questions, we invite you to contact us. Here are some bullet points to summarize the subject:

  • Virtual phone number is a useful tool of lead generation, data collection, polling, it also helps with the customer service.
  • You can receive messages thanks to the virtual phone numbers and Customer Portal.
  • You can use virtual phone number in multichannel campaigns.
  • It’s best to consult your consultant before starting a 2way SMS campaign.

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