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Take your mobile communication to another level:

  • Reach precisely thousands of customers within seconds
  • Boost revenue thanks to the most effective communication tool
  • Build a strong brand image
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App features

Discount codes

This feature allows you to generate/import and manage discount codes for further use in your business as a way of measuring ROI of SMS marketing campaigns.

Short links

Including shortened URL, which added to your SMS changes your message into the most efficient marketing tool you can imagine – achieve a high open rate unavailable to a simple e-mail campaign.

Rich media

This feature allows for attaching additional media to your SMS – pictures, videos, or PDFs, all hosted by SMSAPI.


You can easily delegate some tasks to your co-workers, set their responsibilities, and define their entitlements. You can create a shared budget, too!

Scheduled SMS

Don’t miss any chance again. Plan your SMS campaign in advance to save time and book the place in line so your messages will never be late again.

Newsletter SMS

Would you like to build an effective customer base with little effort? This easily-installed widget is the answer to all your needs! All collected numbers will be automatically added to the chosen group in contact database.

Birthday SMS

Happy Birthday, dear customer! Send personalized wishes to your customers (e.g. with a discount code). It's a perfect way of shaping a positive image of your brand/company. All you need to do is collect the birthday dates and let the feature do the rest.


SMS marketing works efficiently only when directed properly. This feature allows you to group contacts based on any parameters or preferences, e.g. by shoe size, and use them in your future campaigns.

Easy-to-use SMS gateway

See for yourself how easy and quick it is to make your own SMS campaign

Find out why we note hundreds of thousands of messages sent daily in bulk via SMSAPI:

First of all – we did our best to present you with a cutting-edge feature pack combined into one solution. You can easily upload and manage your contact list, which is strongly protected by encryption protocols. You can personalize various tools, schedule, track, and report nearly everything that concerns your SMS campaigns.

We're continuously working on adding new features and improving the available ones, because your satisfaction is essential for our business.


You may find following tools useful while creating your message:

  • adding discount codes
  • defining time and date of the campaign launching
  • creating high-priority messages (Fast SMS)
  • using special characters in UTF-8 coding

After finishing the campaign, the system lets you generate a report, available in the Customer Portal.

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