Verified SMS

Protect the security of mobile communication and:

  • increase credibility of SMS messaging
  • send text messages with verified sender IDs
  • expand the company’s branding

Let’s talk about Verified SMS for the SMSAPI account.

How does a Verified SMS look like?

SMS verification with Verified SMS from Google
Information flow icon in Verified SMS by SMSAPI
SMS verification with Verified SMS from Google
  • Badge confirming verification
  • Logo and description of a verified sender
  • Link preview always active
  • Icon with a logo and company name next to every message verified by Google

How is Google confirming the authenticity of text messages?

Verified SMS increases trust in messages sent by companies. This additional service protects recipients from fraudulent messages and abuse attempts. Once activated, all text messages sent from the Customer Portal, mobile app, or systems integrated with SMSAPI will undergo verification by Google.

  • Verified SMS security icon in SMSAPI

    Verified SMS guarantees security and privacy of communication. At the same time, Google cannot access the content of the conversation. The solution is fully compliant with GDPR.

  • SMSAPI SMS Verification with Verified SMS from Google

    Before the client receives an SMS, its content and recipient’s phone number are encrypted and sent to Google. Then the regular text and encrypted one are delivered to the client’s phone. Google Messages compares both versions, and upon successful confirmation, it flags the SMS as verified.

  • SMSAPI SMS Verification with Verified SMS from Google

    The solution requires an Internet connection and Google Messages application to work correctly. In the case of no coverage, messages are displayed as unverified.

Advantages of Verified SMS from SMSAPI

  • Faster discovery of frauds and spam attempts
  • Greater customer trust towards the communication
  • Higher engagement
  • Better brand awareness
  • More effective SMS marketing
Verified SMS security icon in SMSAPI

Service availability

Verified SMS is available on smartphones with an Android operating system with Google Messages app installed. It is currently operational in the USA, India, Mexico, Brazil, Great Britain, France, the Philippines, Spain, and Canada. Contact us and be one of the first companies to use Google verification of SMS messaging.

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