Data and SMS centres

Our infrastructure is placed in two independent data centres located in different locations.

Each server has a configured stateful firewall based on netfilter. The firewall has a defined policy of blocking everything and the desirable traffic is forwarded through a number of selected ports. The firewall logs “port scan” type attack attempts and unauthorized connections to blocked ports.

Dedicated application

A dedicated web application is located on a server set up on a UNIX-based system. Access to the Web application is possible after logging in (encrypted SSL protocol) with login and a secure password (with the possibility of additional security by using a VPN connection).

Our data centre meets high security requirements:

  • rooms protected with C4 class burglar proof doors, with increased fire resistance EI30
  • windows protected with bars and aluminium foil
  • the entrance to the server room equipped with controlled access for authorized personnel only
  • intrusion and burglary signalling system
  • internal and external video monitoring with event recording
  • 24/7 protection of the facility.

Additional security

The data centre infrastructure allows for extra security. The facility is supplied with power from two sources and protected using a UPS system. Two independent connections to TP's network and more than thirty connections to major domestic and foreign operators.

Additionally, precision air conditioning which maintains constant temperature and humidity as well as 24/7 supervision and monitoring of all elements of infrastructure. The data centre has the following certifications:

  • quality management system – ISO 9001:2008
  • information security management system - ISO/IEC 27001:2005.

SMSAPI's platform architecture

Our SMS centre is connected using VPN tunnels (private network) directly with foreign aggregators so that we can provide the possibility of sending sms messages to more than 800 GSM operators worldwide.

Thanks to the advanced, proprietary routing system SMSAPI provides services 24/7/365 and continuous monitoring of system's functioning. All connections are secure and encrypted using the best certificates in the world.

  Availability of our services can be monitored at
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