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SMS campaigns

Using SMS communication in your marketing actions is based on nearly immediate reach and wide range.

Kampania SMS #1

Over 90% mobile phone users read SMS text right after receiving it – it’s much more than e-mails. That’s why when it comes to inform about promotion, sending discount code or link to an app, you should choose SMS, because it’s one of the best solutions available.

Kampania SMS #2

You must remember that permission marketing is crucial in SMS campaigns – you shouldn’t send messages to those who didn’t gave you their consent. Otherwise you might have to face consequences much higher than negative feedback.

You will find more details about SMS campaigns here.

QR codes

QR codes and NFC technology, allows you to lead user from poster or billboard ad to the internet where he can find multimedia content that shows much more that static, two-dimensional, picture.

Scanning code with your smartphone re-directs user to a site where you can put multimedia, application or interactive offer. Such solution opens many opportunities, and only on your creativity depends how will you use it to engage your users.

Kody QR

Mobile apps

If smartphones were compared to cars, we’d define apps as fuel that powers them. Apps are popular among majority of mobile devices users, that includes your customers as well. While making such app, we can get access to smartphone features like GPS, camera or gyroscope.

There are two kinds of mobile apps: native – program that has been developed for use on a particular platform or device and web – launched in mobile browser.

Aplikacje mobilne

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