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Campaigns in many branches

See the benefits and examples of SMS campaigns:


  • delivering to the customer efficient solutions that supports sales

  • campaigns with perfect timing, that allows to reach customer in right moment
  • precise SMS personalization – adjusting message to recipient’s exact profile.

Examples of use:

  • SMS campaigns supporting mass events
  • Example: Brightest star of British rock music – watch and listen live this Saturday in O2 Arena London. Launch at 8 pm!
  • competitions and giveaways to promote brand or product / service.
  • Example: Take part in competition! Password: SPRING IS COMING! Prizes – limited edition of mugs! Terms and conditions: www.


  • perfect marketing tool directly reaching customers
  • building brand awareness among potential customers
  • reducing promotion and advertising costs.

Examples of use:

  • informing customers via SMS about offers meeting their expectations
  • Example: Hello Martha! Only on 15/11 you’ll get 15% discount on 16-days stay in Koggala, Sri Lanka, Family hotel ***.
  • SMS campaigns promoting Last minute offers.
  • Example: There are only 5 days left! 25% off on tour to Egypt! All inclusive, hotel ****, Taba.


  • building loyalty among customers through special SMS campaigns and offers

  • low cost of informing customers about special offers.

Examples of use:

  • marketing messages
  • Example: Remember to change tires. Only now changing tires with option to keep other set for season. More info…
  • SMS campaigns promoting new car releases, Open Days and sales.
  • Example: New model is here, visit us for a test drive between 10-12 May.


  • building long-term relationships with customers

  • notifications about match results on-line
  • direct information about upcoming events, games, tournaments.

Examples of use:

  • invitation to an event
  • Example: Tomorrow, at 2 pm on city stadium, our team will play with Rockets. Come and support our players!
  • informing about game result.
  • Example: Goal! After Smith’s stunning action ball reaches net and we’re leading 2:0!


  • efficient advertising and increasing sales

  • possibility to fully automate sending SMS.

Examples of use:

  • Bulk SMS informing about new promotions
  • Example: Only now – 10% off on our full offer! Visit us and make your purchase: www…
  • SMS as seasonal offers for specified customers.
  • Example: Hi Mark! Happy Birthday, we’d like to celebrate it with giving you 20 EUR to spend in our store. On checkout use this code: ‘ABC123’


  • fast, balanced in time, communication with customers informing about lasts offers and discounts

  • ability to get feedback – engaging customer into communication with brand.

Examples of use:

  • bulk SMS informing about new special offers
  • Example: Only now – 10% discount on school accessories! Come and visit our stores.
  • SMS as seasonal offers for specified customers.
  • Example: Welcome John! Happy Birthday, we’d like to celebrate it with giving you 20 EUR to spend in our store. On checkout use this code: ‘ABC123’

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SMS campaigns in e-commerce

Our platform is a perfect solution to run effective mobile campaigns in online stores.


Platform is equipped with many features, that support campaign execution process, that’s why SMSAPI is frequently chosen by e-commerce owners.

Most of them have number database of their own clients, with consent to receive marketing information. Such numbers can be easily imported to the platform. All that needs to be done is to prepare number database in *.csv or *.xls format.


Messages send though our platform have Sender ID defined by account administrator. That helps to build brand awareness and positive image.

Efficiency of SMS campaigns in e-commerce comes from high open rates for SMS (over 90%!) and a fact that 46% of customers decide to make a purchase because of received SMS, they got on their phone (Nielsen report).

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