Discount Codes

People love to receive discounts and vouchers for products and services, as evidenced by the high popularity of websites with discount codes. The success of the SMS campaign largely depends on whether you offer the recipient a specific benefit, eg. a discount on products or a service.

Discount codes feature allow you to generate/import codes that can be used in our service. New group of discount codes can be done in 2 ways:

  • by clicking "Import codes" - when you want to add .csv file with your own codes (in one column)
  • by clicking "Generate codes" - our system will generate group of codes for you (you may choose codes type, length and amount).

For both solutions above, you may also set expiration date for a group of codes and email/sms notification when the number of available codes will fall below a set level (or when set expiration date for codes is approaching). To use the discount codes in SMS messages, simply select the appropriate group of discount codes, and then add a parameter [%code%] in the message content.

The use of discount codes feature in SMS campaign gives you an ability to measure ROI (return on investment).

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