Ideas for SMS campaigns in various businesses

Each business has its own needs. Find your niche and get inspired by various SMS projects!

  • E-commerce
    • Gain and keep your customers. Send information about status change, dispatch information or product availability.
    • Increase open and conversion rates. You can also send updates on your new products, special offers or events via short links to your online store.
    • Keep customers up-to-date with their orders, ask for a feedback using SMS surveys.
  • Tourism
    • Keep customers informed. Send instant SMS notifications about the details of and changes in their bookings and remind them about the upcoming events.
    • Use the power of re-marketing. Get back in touch with your previous clients and suggest last minute offers and discounts on their next trips.
    • Get feedback. Use short links with surveys to better understand your clients' need and expectations.
  • Insurance
    • Increase sales volume. Send time-constrained offers and discounts. Remind present clients about the expiry of their insurance policies.
    • Make yourself visible. Build your customer database using the Newsletter SMS widget on your website.
    • Boost your inner productivity. Choose 2Way communication to set up meetings without bothering your insurance brokers.
  • Administration
    • Improve your workflow. You can speed up the process of document flow, e.g. in a City Hall or any other administration offices.
    • Make debt collection proceedings more effectively. Set automatic SMS reminders on payment expiry date and inform about the following procedures.
    • Keep your customers entertained. Use SMS to send notifications on the upcoming events organized by your office.
  • Gastronomy
    • Boost your retention rate. Use loyalty programs to inform your guests about a brand-new menu or possible changes in the offer.
    • Gain and keep your customers. Build your own database using the Newsletter SMS widget and offer additional discounts on the first order.
    • Make sure your guests are satisfied. Inform them as quick as possible about any delays, show your gratitude, share birthday wishes, and invite them to make a new order.
  • Health
    • Decrease the number of cancelled appointments. Remind your patients about the upcoming visits sending automatic SMS notifications.
    • Make sure your patients are satisfied. Inform them when they can expect their test results, use 2Way communication allowing them to contact a doctor whenever they need.
    • Give your patients more. Inform them about additional free tests or special days, such as the Cancer Prevention Day.
  • Logistics
    • Be always on time. Send parcel tracking information and delivery notifications via SMS. Rely on the independent messaging system, which works offline and requires no external applications.
    • Optimize internal communication in your company. Keep your drivers updated with traffic, weather and critical information.
    • Manage the delivery chain from one place. Use the intuitive Customer Portal or API integrated with your system. Automate delivery progress and courier arrival time notifications. Effectively manage return requests and inform about stock supplies.
  • NGO
    • Stay close to the needs of local communities. Send personalized invitations to events, happenings, social initiatives and conduct surveys.
    • Engage communities around facts. Use the SMS Newsletter to collect a database of active users and keep them informed.
    • Educate and let your supporters grow. Send additional information with shortened links to blog posts, images, videos and maps.
  • Debt collection
    • Accept no delays. Send simple and fast reminders with payment deadlines via SMS.
    • Be effective. In case of delay just send SMS with a link to invoice.
    • Open yourself to a dialogue. Include your contact number in the message to quickly resolve problematic issues.
  • Automotive
    • Save time. Send automatic messages to notify about a repair completion, spare parts availability and latest updates.
    • Don’t let your clients forget you. Send regular reminders about periodic inspections, warranty and essential services (like tyres replacement).
    • Build customer loyalty. Invite them to test drives, end-year deals, premieres and special events.
  • Special occasions
    (Birthday SMS)
    • Show your care. Schedule personal messages with birthday wishes.
    • Go even further. Send gift codes and easily measure their effectiveness in the Customer Portal or directly in your CRM system.
    • Surprise your customers. Lesser-known holidays and events are the great opportunities to send SMS with a heartwarming message.
  • Finance
    • Balance the accounts. Remind customers about upcoming payments, propose new products and promote banking app via SMS.
    • Stay safe. Use SMS as a secure authorization and sensitive data verification method.
    • Take care of your customers. Measure their satisfaction with quick surveys and 2-way communication protocol.
  • Beauty
    • Send appointment alerts. Notify your customers about the upcoming visit with an SMS with date, address and other important information.
    • Use the potential of your studio to the fullest. Activate the virtual number which will help you with calendar management and allow the clients to easily reschedule appointments.
    • Care for your most loyal customers. Send personalized messages with promotions and discounts.
  • Events
    • Keep an information flow smooth. Supervise large teams with an instant tool - SMS.
    • Solve problems before they occur. Notify participants about changes in agenda or surprises. Enrich messages with links, coupons and maps by adding shortened links.
    • Get feedback immediately. Measure satisfaction after the event via surveys and votings.
  • Manufacturing
    • Optimize communication in your production facility. Allow for fast and autonomous communication between the separate teams.
    • Increase production efficiency. Use SMS to share production line statuses.
    • Keep your customers informed. Save time with the SMS communication to keep them up to date with the manufacturing processes.
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