MAIL to SMS Interface

Mail2SMS interface

As we’re trying to make our service as accessible and simple to use as possible, we give you various ways to run your SMS communication. If you prefer your good, old e-mail client to prepare and execute SMS campaigns – we have something right for you.

Our Mail2SMS service allows sending an SMS texts to unlimited number of recipients from any email software, server or CRM solution. While constructing an e-mail, remember to put as a "topic" your username '@' char and a password encrypted with MD5! Password can be converted in the API settings tab in your administration panel. All you need is active User account (don’t have one? Create it – it’s FREE!), and remembered e-mail address: That is all it takes!

The content of the e-mail should contain the appropriate parameters :

Parameter Description Example values
from Sender name from=info
to Recipient phone
report request with report demand raport=1
message Message contents message=TEST

Full list of available parameters can be found in SMS API docs tab.

Important informations!

  • Messages can be sent in following encodings: plain / quotedprintable / base64.
  • Phone number cannot contain plus sign "+" at the beginning.
  • Message parameter has to be at the end of the request.
  • Sender name (from parameter must be active.


SMS sending example

TOPIC: login@8456fkty567gb3bg37b357b3457b3457
CONTENT: from=SMSAPI&to=48606605***&raport=1&message=MESSAGE TEXT

Example of response for proper sent message.

CONTENT: SMSAPI:600500***:OK:message_id:cost

Example of response for invalid message.

CONTENT: SMSAPI:600500***:ERROR:error_code

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