One account - collaboration of many people

Sharing one account to run and control SMS campaigns with co-workers doesn’t have to mean having one login and password for all, without knowing who made what and where did all bought credits go. Our Web Interface allows you to set sub-accounts, that can execute campaigns sharing one credits balance from a main account.

Having unlimited sub-users option with various accessibility and administration permission levels, where you can easily manage who send what to whom or check history of activities. You simply have control over everything that happens on your main account. Simple and easy.

You can add new sub-user and define parameters like:

  • credit limit - how many credits can be used from main account
  • renewal limit - number of credits which will be set to Credit limit every 1st day of month
  • contacts database access - you can grant access to whole contacts database or certain groups. There is possibility to set privilages:
    • restricted access - account can send SMS but numbers will not be visible for them in contacts database or in reports
    • full access - account has full access to numbers in selected groups (edit, send and delete)
  • sender name access - subuser will be able to use selected sender names for sending SMS.

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