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Explore our SMS API, see code examples, and program the SMS messaging into any system or application.

Examples of SMS API code

Single delivery
Bulk delivery
Check the number state (HLR)


require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Smsapi\Client\Feature\Sms\Bag\SendSmsBag;
use Smsapi\Client\Feature\Sms\Data\Sms;
use Smsapi\Client\SmsapiHttpClient;

/** @var Sms $sms */
$sms = (new SmsapiHttpClient())
    ->sendSms(SendSmsBag::withMessage('48500000000', 'SMSAPI says hi!'));


SMS API Library in PHP

The PHP library will facilitate the sending of SMS messages, management of the contacts database, and handling of many other SMSAPI features.

SMS API Features

Single SMS

Send a single SMS message using the API

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SMS mass delivery

Send SMS messages to multiple recipients simultaneously

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Message delivery reports

Process the information about the delivery of the sent message

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Receiving SMS

Choose what to do with the SMS that was sent to the number purchased in SMSAPI

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Check the number state

Check whether your number base is up to date using the HLR list

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SMS authentication

Send an SMS with a security code and we will validate it for you

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