Surveys and voting

Collecting opinions through SMS surveys, as well as allowing voting by SMS is very fast, convenient and can be very insightful. The only thing you need is a Virtual Mobile Number to receive all the insights in one place from all your clients.

After conducting the vote in the smsapi.com panel, you can download a detailed report containing the exact number of responses and the percentage (eg. Answer YES - 75% answer NO - 25%). If you want to use one receiving number for 2 or more voting/surveys, you should use prefix to recognize to which voting/survey answer will be sent. Prefix have to be added at the beginning of each answer and all possible answers should be correctly defined e.g.: for M1 prefix and answer YES, system will accept messages with content: "M1.YES" or "M1 YES". You can add unlimited number of answers and all undefined answers will be marked as "others".

This feature allows you to involve your customer in brand developing and is giving you the possibility to become more people-oriented business; where their opinion really matter. Once you set it up, you can easily forget about it, and when the time comes, you can download the report from your survey or voting.

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