Mobile marketing

Find out how to promote your business on mobile and explore:

  • mobile marketing tools
  • advanced targeting and content personalisation
  • advantages and benefits of promoting on mobile devices

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What is mobile marketing?

The definition of mobile marketing involves the use of multiple communication channels (multi-channel) centred around mobile devices: smartphones, phones, tablets and others. The aim of this marketing strategy is to reach and engage customers with personalised content tailored to their needs and preferences.

The available communication tools include native solutions such as SMS, MMS, VMS or phone calls, as well as newer standards: email, instant messaging (e.g. WhatsApp, Messenger), mobile apps (including push notifications), or RCS and Verified SMS.

Due to the universality and popularity of mobile devices, this is one of the most common types of promotion. Mobile marketing is a long-term strategy that helps build a consistent brand image.

Mobile marketing for companies

Mobile marketing provides a number of advantages not available on desktop devices. Discover the unique benefits of the mobile channel.

Marketing and sales on the same device - Conduct consistent promotions to close the entire sales process on your phone or tablet.

Wide range of tools and solutions - Tailor your marketing message to each target group, adjusting the form and content to the task coherent with your mobile campaign.

Save time and money with automation - Plan and commission multi-step promotional campaigns fluently across different channels thanks to system integrations.

Personalise your content - Make use of your customer data to send unique, closely tailored content using your preferred channels.

Global reach 24/7 - Global reach 24/7 - Reach current and potential customers regardless of the time of day or their location using campaigns on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Mobile marketing best practices

How to do marketing on mobile devices so that you engage your audience and build long-lasting relationships with your customers? Discover the best practices that will increase mobile campaign conversions:

  • 1

    Ensure the clarity of your communication

    Limit content to the essentials so that the mobile user is not overwhelmed with information. More elaborate messages should be designed to be equally comfortable on devices with smaller displays.

  • 2

    Personalise the message

    Use customer data to create messages tailored to your audience. Automate the distribution of your content, while increasing engagement by tailoring your communications to that audience's needs and preferences.

  • 3

    Optimise local searches

    Ensure your business positions itself in Google and maps. The first page of search results should provide all the most important information. This reduces the time it takes to search for data, making it easier and faster for customers to find your products and services.

  • 4

    Set goals and check that they are being met

    Planning activities and performance will make it easier for you to manage your budget and ultimately develop more effective strategies.

  • 5

    Ask for marketing consents

    Before you send out any promotional content, make sure that each recipient has consented to receive such communications from your company. Always conduct your activities in accordance with GDPR.

Mobile marketing tools

The smartphone has become an indispensable tool for communication, obtaining information, entertainment or even work. The phone is one of the most personal accessories, so the messages sent should also have a personal touch. This has a positive effect on the relationship with the recipients, helps them to interact and, in turn, improves retention and increases the LTV of the customer.

This is why so many companies are opting for mobile marketing. You'll find examples of applications at every turn - all you have to do is reach for your phone. See how you can use the various mobile marketing tools:


Bulk SMS for companies

Alongside calls, receiving and sending text messages is one of the core functionalities of mobile phones. The great advantage of the SMS standard is its low entry threshold and its availability even without an internet connection. SMS is the gold standard of mobile marketing because it works on any device. For this reason, SMS communication is an important tool for sales, promotion and relationship building.

Features of a SMS campaign:

  • immediate reading and high open-rate,

  • high click-through rate (CTR),

  • one of the highest conversions.


Communication with customers via WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging services, and access to the WhatsApp Business API is a business solution for companies and institutions that want to introduce a new, well-liked channel for dialogue with their customers.

WhatsApp Business API features:

  • a verified company profile,

  • consistent branding,

  • high user engagement.


RCS, or Rich Communication Suite, is sometimes referred to as SMS 2.0. This new standard combines the simplicity of text messaging with the conveniences offered by modern communication tools. RCS is intended to replace SMS communication.

Features of a RCS campaign:

  • it combines the advantages of SMS and instant messaging,

  • only for Android devices,

  • requires internet access.