Other features

Periodic SMS

This feature enables you to send message with the same content to predefined recipients in your chosen time interval. It is an ideal solution for internal communication of any company - can remind you of an important event that has place periodically.

Long messages

Sometimes 160 characters is simply not enough

If size of your message exceed 160 characters - don't worry. Today mobile phones can handle longer SMS content created from numerous parts and still receive it as one message. Our platform is prepared to send up to 918 characters long SMS (6 parts SMS). You can use it to send more detailed information or notification or insert special characters in UTF-8 coding (using this type decreases number of characters from 160 to 70 signs per message).

Reports with statistics

Essential campaign KPI’s collected in one sheet

Knowledge is power, as they say. Executing SMS campaign is only one half of a whole process. You also need to know whether your campaign was successful or not. Check statistics, see what worked and when.

That’s why every time after you make a campaign you can generate a report. We put there all necessary information:

  • delivery report statistics
  • detailed information about executed campaign

Additionally – using our Short link Cut.li enables hourly link clicks statistics and extra information about used device, operating system and browser. Find out more about inserting short links here.

Message templates

Perfect solution if you have to send similar texts every day

All you need to do is predefine message texts in our user friendly Web Interface and use them anytime situation will require that.

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