E-mail Booster – SMS supports e-mail marketing!

We have just launched a new tool! From now you will be able to make your e-mail marketing more effective with a little help of SMS. E-mail Booster, simple tool available in SMSAPI Customer Portal, will enhance your productivity, e-mail open rates and customer engagement. Interesting, isn’t it?

Smooth & conherent communication

Long story short, we have always been treating communication as a unity of different elements which work well only if combined. Not only once we have been seeking for the common ground of SMS and e-mail. The best example of such a holistic approach is the research we carried in 2016 “Trends in mobile communication”, which revealed that 62% of companies in e-commerce and 79% of stationary shops in Poland send e-mails with the trade offers.

SMS for e-mail, e-mail for SMS

Observing the market gave us a thought to combine SMS and e-mail to create the solution much more effective than simple e-mail marketing. We have noticed a chance to make both tools complementary so we started to work on a solution that supports e-mail marketing with SMS. The main goal of the project was to increase the open rate of e-mails which at the same meant increase the productivity. The result is E-mail Booster which works in a very simple and intuitive way: if a receiver doesn’t open an e-mail for few hours, he will automatically receive an SMS with a reminder to open the inbox. There are only two conditions to make it happen:

  • an active account on SMSAPI platform,
  • an account on e-mail marketing platform.

At the moment E-mail Booster is available for the clients of GetResponse, anyway we are working on implementation with other e-mail marketing systems.

“More and more small and medium companies have decided to choose multi-channel and omni-channel communication. It benefits for two sides of communication: consumer receives personalized message well-tailored to their personal needs, on the other hand, companies are much more aware of what does consumer need thanks to the information they gather from many channels. Thanks to this the offer is targeted to the right group and it is much easier to build brand loyalty.” – says Natalia Paczóska, Head of Marketing GetResponse Poland. “In GetResponse we are focused to build complete and coherent online marketing campaigns. This is way we do not only enable customer to develop marketing automation strategies but also e-mail marketing, webinars and landing pages. We are pleased to announce that our clients are chosen to be the first user of SMSAPI’s E-mail Booster. Thanks to such a tool we are able to include SMS notifications into the multi-channel communication. I am sure it will allow our customers to build the strategy which is more complex and effective.”

E-mail Booster available in SMSAPI Customer Portal is created to enable SMS campaign that supports your e-mail marketing activities. Would you like to learn more or try the solution? Do not hesitate to contact us at: