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The shopping event, Black Friday 2017 (23rd + 24th of November), not only pushed mobile shopping to a new level. During that day, LINK Mobility Group delivered more than 81 million mobile messages, a new all time high record for the Group.

The number of Black Friday mobile messages and transactions sent through our infrastructure more than doubled compared to 2016. And although we already observed a significant increase in messages for this event, we expect to benefit from the post shopping effects over the coming days maintaining transactions at a record high level.

Arild E. Hustad

Last year, LINK Mobility processed about 34 million mobile messages in connection with Black Friday. LINK Mobility is one of the largest providers within mobile messaging and solutions in Europe. The Group offers its customers solutions like permission based messaging, push notifications, mobile coupons and customer loyalty programs and other attractive retail solutions, highly requested when it comes to mobile shopping. In addition, the Group provides a wide range of solutions regarding mobile payments, 2-factor-authentication and Mobile Invoice, to offer its customers strong solutions throughout the entire value chain.

We experience a sustained demand for mobile messaging and mobile solutions and observe an ongoing trend towards the digitization of business processes. We believe that this strong trend that we have witnessed this Black Friday, with doubling of mobile usage and commerce, will continue. LINK will aim to constantly develop attractive mobile messaging and mobile solutions adding value to our customers engaging their customers via the mobile.

The ongoing shift towards mobile is becoming increasingly apparent, even when it comes to Black Friday sales: According to Salesforce/Forbes, mobile orders exceeded those placed on computers for the first time.