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Your first home electronics SMS campaign [Quick How-to Guide]

22 November, 2019
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SMS for electronics branch

Home electronics is one of the toughest marketing branches, with so many competitors, the lowest price is no longer a deciding factor. So what is? Customer service! If you own an online store, you know how important is to keep your customer updated and engaged.

Normally you would inform about 3 statuses: order completion, processing, and shipping. Thanks to SMS notification service you can keep your customer informed on all stages.

Delayed delivery is one of things that can make both customer and e-commerce owner mad. That’s because of the return to sender policy. If delivery is delayed, and the courier won’t be able to deliver the package, it might result in package returning to the sender. The cost of such a mishap is uncomparable to sending an SMS notification beforehand.

Maciej Marchwicki from Mix Electronics

In all our online shops we use mobile communication channel. It became the most important communication way of building positive relationships with our customers.

Text messages are used mostly in informational matters. SMS message allows us to notify our customers about their order status is a fast and effective way.

The key feature is a possibility to inform that order can be picked up from our sales point. What’s important – customers that consent to receive SMS delivery status notification, pick up their orders twice as fast as others who didn’t agree do.

Maciej Marchwicki – Mix Electronics

Keep the information flowing

Customers can opt-in to receive notifications about every stage of delivery. The most important is shipping as it includes a tracking number. Equally important is information that goods are waiting in the retail shop. Moreover, SMS can substitute an internal communication system.

SMS for electronics branch

Of course, notifications, are just only one of many possibilities, provided by the SMS communication channel. Except for customer service, you can use it to run promotions or loyalty programs. Here’s an example of a message containing special discount code, that can be used during a next online purchase:

SMS with discount code

Keep them waiting for your message

If you want to further encourage your clients, you can always make a time-limited special offer. Just take into consideration that most of the SMS messages are opened within the first 5 minutes after delivery. That’s why you should plan time-constrained offers for hours, a day, and not days or weeks!

Text message with discount coupon

Remember that clients gave you consents, because they trust you, as a brand, so try never betray this trust. You use SMS marketing, but not too often – people will start treating them as ordinary spam.

It might be surprising, but people actually like to receive information about special offers, especially when it concerns their favorite brand. Of course – there is no brand that people would like to receive SMS from on a daily basis.