Volvat has now launched their digital membership card in cooperation with LINK Mobility and their JOYN app. With the digitization of their memberships, Volvat hopes to ensure a better channel of communication with members and customers.

With JOYN, Volvat offers their members a full overview of benefits, medical centres, services and online bookings through the app.

With medical centres in Oslo, Fredrikstad, Moss, Hamar, Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø, Volvat is one of Norways leading private health care establishments. Volvat is owned by Capio group, which operates major hospitals and medical centres in Sweden, Germany and France.

We see this as an important step further along the digital customer journey we are now improving. Volvat wishes to make member benefits and treatment services even more available for the public through JOYN.

Mads Bjerke, Director of Communications, Volvat.

LINK Mobility are the market leaders in mobile communication and mobile services in Europe, and specialize in solutions for digitalization and simplification of processes and customer journeys. One of their products is the JOYN app, a platform for digitizing memberships cards, enlisting new members and handling customer communications.

We are very pleased that Volvat has chosen LINK Mobility’s solution JOYN as part of the communication with their members. We are confident that Volvat will experience JOYN’s simplicity and value as an advantage, as well as build stronger customer loyalty with existing and new members through the use of JOYN.

Jan Tore Kjær, Director of Marketing & Sales in LINK Mobility