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How to utilize Christmas SMS campaigns to engage your clients during the busy holiday period and festive season?

The first half of December is a time of holiday cheer, feverish cleaning and shopping. However, do not forget that Christmas Eve and Christmas are the best opportunities to recharge your batteries and catch your breath after the challenges of the entire year. Understand how to communicate with customers using SMS during the holidays without disrupting moments with loved ones.

Watch Christmas wishes!

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Quick SMS campaign: holidays and year-end

Gifts of all kinds, larger grocery shopping – it’s hard to find an industry that doesn’t experience increased sales during the holiday rush. During this time, well-crafted business Christmas messages prove to be highly effective, with their effectiveness difficult to compare with other forms of communication. Below you will find a few top sms marketing campaigns and examples of holiday and New Year promotions!

What to keep in mind when sending SMS advertising during the holiday season?

Don’t overdo it with the frequency and directness of the message. The holidays are a unique time, so you don’t want your company to be remembered as an unwelcome guest. Try to provide more than just gift ideas, special offers and holiday messages. After all, it’s a time of gifts and goodwill!

SMS notifications for e-commerce

During the holiday season, the number of shipments increases, leading to extended delivery times for your products. Both postal services and courier companies are experiencing a true siege. Every seller believes that their package should be delivered first. Most often, this results in delays and frustration.

Certainly, you are aware that it’s better to address such situations at the source, and even better to automate the delivery of notifications regarding the status of gifts ordered from your brick-and-mortar or online store. For this purpose, text messages integrated with the e-commerce system work perfectly.

Customer support using the mobile channel

It’s natural that during the Christmas season, customers want to handle many matters at once, preferably without any complications. Sometimes, this is associated with strong emotions, especially when a package from your store is delayed or other issues arise.

To better cope with critical moments, some companies launch an additional customer support channel. SMS notification is an excellent tool because it’s fast and reaches recipients directly on their phones.

Even though it’s challenging to explain and rely on understanding, it’s worth informing customers gracefully, apologizing for the delay, and offering compensation. Of course, this does not exclude the standard status updates used by most e-commerce stores. In pre-holiday communication, focus on openness, respect, and courtesy. In case of issues, keep your composure to avoid escalating the situation.

Merry Christmas messages for brick-and-mortar stores and services

During the holiday season, text messages can be valuable for brick-and-mortar stores, service locales, and all other locally operating businesses. Mass SMS broadcasts can be useful for informing about changed opening hours, scheduling appointments, conveying promotional information, or sending Christmas wishes. Therefore, when planning a holiday marketing campaign, don’t forget about the SMS channel.

Examples of holiday SMS content

Below are examples of holiday SMS messages for copying. All Christmas SMS templates have 160 characters or fewer. Remember to replace special characters with appropriate options; you’ll find this in the SMSAPI Panel on the right side of the window.

Feel free to use the examples as a prompt to create your unique SMS marketing content.

Example SMS: wishes

Holidays just around the corner!
In this wonderful time, we wish you all the best, peace, health, and delightful dishes on the table.
Warm regards.

Example SMS: holiday greeting

Ho ho ho! Sleigh bells are ringing! Have you been good this year?
All the best for Christmas and the New Year!

Example SMS: funny christmas wishes

Car cleared of snow? Dust wiped off? Christmas tree dressed? Time for a moment of relaxation at the Christmas Eve table! Just make dumplings, set up the borscht, and... Merry Christmas!

Example SMS: company greetings

We wish you all the best for the upcoming holidays and the New Year!
Thank you for your trust, and see you soon.

Example SMS: holiday template

Replace with your company name.

The whole team at [YOUR COMPANY NAME] wishes peaceful, joyful holidays and all the best for Christmas!


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SMS conversation – receiving messages from customers

A professional SMS gateway lets you talk with your customers using the two-way SMS communication. Using SMS recipient numbers, you can converse with customers, which is a natural and one of the most popular methods of customer retention and information exchange. Receiving messages in the customer panel allows you to build relationships with customers and streamline sales processes.

Best time to send SMS campaigns to clients

If you have a database of customers who made purchases in your store over the last year, the holidays are the perfect time to remind customers about them. Many people don’t have a specific idea for Christmas presents, so it’s good to choose and suggest products from your offer.

Get more sales with Christmas SMS marketing campaigns

A Christmas SMS ad can be the decisive point of contact through which a customer completes a purchase. Therefore, various sets of holiday themed products work well, especially if we profile them for different consumer groups.

However, remember to plan and conduct the SMS campaign well in advance. What’s the point of showing a perfect gift idea to a customer a week before Christmas if the competition has already reached them with their offer with a free gift? Ensure the right timing of message delivery and customization for consumer needs, even if the customer doesn’t know exactly what they are looking for.

Christmas SMS marketing ideas (copy and use it)

Use SMS advertising to promote your Christmas offer. Copy and paste promotional messages—remember to fill them in with the correct information (store name, link, promotion, discount code, date)! Instead of sending long links, use the built-in shortener in your Christmas promotion messages.

SMS marketing examples

Mark, no idea for a gift? Visit [STORE NAME] and choose something unique for friends and family. Go to [LINK] and find what you're looking for!

The best gifts at [STORE NAME]! Choose the perfect set for Her or Him! Take advantage of the Christmas discount of XX% with the code XXXX. Merry Christmas!

Only until December XX, we're discounting all products by XX%! Go to [LINK] and order with guaranteed delivery.

Not every SMS has to sell

Remember that the closer it gets to Christmas, the more sensitive recipients become to unexpected sales and marketing messages. Allow them to breathe, and don’t disturb the atmosphere of festive season with another marketing SMS campaign. Christmas ads shouldn’t disrupt this important, family time. The key to sms marketing campaign is moderation and tact.

However, before that happens, it’s a good idea to send wishes to regular customers! The text message format is sufficient for sending a short poem or rhyme. Such an SMS campaigns should be general and full of respect not to offend the recipient. Simplicity is powerful.

Short summary of Christmas SMS campaigns

During the holiday shopping season, a well-thought-out promotional campaign is a key element of the marketing strategy for any brand. Utilizing various communication channels tailored to specific tasks and their specificities is a simple way to increase your holiday season sales alone. Here are a few key aspects to consider:

  • Social media as the central point of the campaign: Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Pinterest can help you find new customers and remind them of the offers your brand has prepared for the holidays.
  • Email marketing for regular customers: Email marketing is an effective tool for conveying detailed information about promotions, special offers, and unique discounts for regular customers. Personalized messages can make existing customers feel special.
  • SMS with extra siscounts: holiday SMS campaign is a quick and direct way to reach recipients. Short messages with unique discount codes can be the final incentive for mobile users to purchase gifts, even for the last minute shoppers.

Holiday SMS campaigns – what else to consider?

Promotions and flash sales on social media and mailings are common ways to boost engagement and increase sales of online stores. They are hugely popular among marketers, but precisely for that reason, it may be profitable to have marketing campaigns that go beyond digital actions. Christmas is an excellent opportunity to try different channels such as Christmas advertising on radio, press, local television, or outdoor advertising.

The second thing is to adapt content for mobile devices. The Christmas campaign should be tailored to different screen sizes. Responsive content and easy navigation are crucial elements that will make customers feel that the offer is tailored to their needs. Facilitate and encourage customers’ mobile shopping.

In summary, your Christmas campaign should consider different communication channels to reach a broad target audience. Effective use of social media, email, SMS marketing, and less obvious channels will boost sales and allow brands to stand out and make customers feel that your offer is the perfect Christmas present.