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SMS, e-mail or push notification? [Infographic]

11 December, 2019
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SMS, e-mail, push comparison

SMS, e-mail or push notification – which tool is best suited to lead marketing campaigns and communicate with customers? We’ve prepared an infographic, that compares three different types of messages received by mobile phones and smartphone users.

SMSAPI mobile communication infographic
All data are based on the most recent mobile market research.
Hi-res SMSAPI infographic
SMSAPI Andrzej Ogonowski

The infographic shows what most experienced marketers know for a long time – all communication channels have their own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, only by skillfully combining them in a coherent action one can increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

When it comes to range and reaching speed, it turns out that SMS beats e-mail and push. However, if we compare the price of reaching one user – push notification is the cheapest, although mind that there’s still an expense of creating an application that will make those notifications. Although we can communicate most of the content by e-mail, we must be prepared for a low Open Rate, which may force us to send the same e-mails to the same group.

Andrzej Ogonowski