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Merry Christmas via SMS – how to prepare a breathtaking Holiday campaign

9 December, 2020
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Christmas SMS inspirations

The holiday season is in its full, and brands are doing what they can to attract the customers. It’s obvious that, despite winter, this is a very hot season for all the sales departments. Everyone wants to take part in the Christmas shopping madness. It’s definitely a time to get noticed and communicate in a new way!

SMS reaches the recipient within 4 seconds, with an open rate over four times higher than e-mail. You might think that 160 chars wouldn’t be enough, but many functionalities can help you to make it more attractive. To name the simplest ones: an emoji or a link. You can also personalize your message, send different message content to different target groups—all to increase the revenue.

SMS with a short link allows you to direct customers to a special website with greetings or an app made for the season. You can also use Rich Media tool to attach a file. You can insert music, graphics, video files or PDF. So if you want to put Christmas carol, video with wishes or a card in PDF format – no problem.

Using those solutions helps to enrich SMS and to track the effectiveness of such messages better because you will know when someone opens the link. All this information will be invaluable when preparing campaigns in the future and creating better SMS content!

How to track traffic from SMS campaign?

Make Christmas personal!

When your number database is ready and contains names and surnames, you can use it to personalize messages. Something very important especially when it comes to greetings! Showing a personal touch will surely increase your effectiveness. Not to mention, it will look more sincere.

A database is most commonly divided into groups by name, gender, city or birthday. To prepare an effective campaign you should alter texts based on targeted groups. Such action helps in building positive image of a brand. Besides that – you won’t waste money on sending messages to people that won’t be interested in a particular offer.

Spice it up with emojis

Emojis really can attract someone to read the messages. Use your wits and prepare something special! What’s important – one emoji takes 2 special chars, so message containing 70 chars can take 35 emojis.

An example of an SMS with emojis

Delivering discounts and sales

In December almost every branch notes growth – buying gifts online and offline, grocery shopping, travels are just a few examples. When you have strong competition, you should do anything you can to be noticed. SMS marketing is a great form of promotion and communication, especially when it comes to e-commerce.

Your customers will surely appreciate a special Christmas discount code sent via SMS. Of course – success depends on the offer itself. SMSAPI platform allows you to import discount codes or to generate a defined number of unique codes. All you need to do is to put a proper parameter in your message and each sent SMS will be delivered with a unique code.

When the system runs out of codes or validity will be about to expire, the account owner will be notified about it via SMS or by e-mail. What’s most important, using this feature in the SMS campaign allows users to take part in the offer instantly, and for the company – to track the campaign’s ROI.

Customers of a certain clothing brand could decide how do they want to receive their discount code – over 30% wanted it via SMS. They’ve reached recipients faster than e-mail. The conversion rate of the coupon was 37,59%. Furthermore, over 100 000 users joined the brand’s fan page on Facebook, and the newsletter database gained over 77 thousands users.

Holiday spotlight

Choosing SMS communication can become a jackpot if we need a simple but effective Holiday campaign. SMS is the fastest way, mainly because on average such a message is read within one minute after delivery. The average open rate hits 98%. Use it to your advantage!

Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash