SMS marketing tips

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People don’t buy what you do, but why you do it – Simon Sinek said. Before you start your journey with SMS marketing you should firstly discover your “why” and set up a detailed plan with MoSes (Measures of Success). Behind your actions there should always be the reason, therefore we present 6 arguments in favor of SMS communication.  

1. A short message is convenient for both sides

It saves time for the sender as well as the recipient. We’re living in times when a consumer is bombarded by hundreds of ads each day. To be honest, we, as marketers, have only a short moment to persuade him or her.

An SMS should be a simple message, an argument as to why it is worth it to click the particular link, reply, or show up at a selected retail store. A marketer doesn’t have to invest time and money into creating content. 160 characters is enough. The question is how to use them correctly!

2. The guarantee of delivery

In the case of a mailing, there is a risk that a message will end up in the spam folder. Moreover, some check their inboxes rarely. Flyers, even when handed to passers-by, are often thrown into the nearest garbage bin. We ignore ads broadcasted on television by switching channels.

There are no such problems in the case of SMS – provided the recipient is not staying in an area with no coverage or the battery has not died, he or she will receive a message momentarily.

3. It’s cost-effective

Despite what some people say, SMS marketing is relatively cheap. Many make the mistake of comparing the price of sending 100,000 SMS to sending 100,000 e-mails. It is a flawed approach. One has to consider the real cost!

In the case of e-mail marketing (apart from the sheer cost of sending), there is also the cost of creating the content, preparing the template, buying graphics. Even if mailing is done perfectly it reaches only up to a couple to a dozen or so percent of customers from the database.

Bulk SMS campaign to a well-tailored and targeted database usually has an open rate of over 90%. If you calculate the cost and take into account the amount of opened messages, you will get a true price of reaching the receivers.

4. High engagement rate

Good engagement rate is one of the main advantages of SMS marketing. The reaction rate of SMS communication may, depending on the product, amount to 20% up to even 70%! A classic radio or TV ad may have a wider reach but evokes a reaction rate up to 1.5%.

5. Quick reaction time

Most of the messages are read within only a couple of minutes. There are industries and marketing goals that require swift actions (for example, contests organized during events).

Measurability is something every marketer has to pay attention to. Without the analysis of basic statistics, it is difficult to measure the efficiency of particular actions and plan the budget rationally. Thanks to the detailed SMS delivery reports one can easily control the efficiency of this channel.

6. Flexibility and many applications of SMS

Text messages can be utilized in different industries and for different purposes. One can send mass SMS informing about the new offer, send discount codes and attract clients to a store.

Another frequently employed application is SMS notifications for subscribers of various services as well as a two-way SMS communication utilizing clients’ responses to research their opinions.