Content marketing SMS guide

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In the times of omnipresent technology, we receive an enormous amount of information from far and near – no matter if we want it or not. Colourful billboards, product placement while watching your favourite series or looped video full of ads – the man on the street is inundated with 100 messages a day. However, one can remember just 10% of them. There’s a way to bypass the clutter.

We produce more and more content that is distributed in many various channels. Unfortunately, they are less and less useful for the consumer. The recipient is tired and hesitant. But if we take care of the content and target it accurately, our consumers will come to visit your website or store and follow the suggestions. And will buy more!

How to awaken your potential client’s interest, entertain or educate and eventually win his loyalty? Use the following rules of content marketing in your SMS campaign.

A person in the centre of your actions

Both in B2B and B2C, you have to remember that technically it’s always H2H (Human to Human) communication. After all, it’s not a computer talking to another one but two true-born people…

The most important challenge in H2H is authenticity, fast reaction, spontaneity and above all – dialogue with the other person. Such a relationship resembles a real conversation that spurs brand loyalty and trust. It is excellent to make your marketing actions (including SMS) engaging and fun. Just don’t fall into the trap of making promises!

Example of content marketing in SMS message
An example of a text message
with a personalized content

A step further

The short text contains 160 characters, and some of them are worth using to personalize the message. If your customer database includes names and surnames, you can use the data in greetings, i.e. “Hello John”.

It is essential to approach the recipient directly and use imperative, i.e. “Buy”, “Come!”. Such verbs are commonly called call-to-action (CTA is short).

As a result, a person who is reading the message feels unique and chosen. According to the research we have carried out among entrepreneurs in Poland, campaigns with a personalized offer are much more effective than the general one. It only confirms that personalization is vital for effective SMS marketing.

SMS campaign also opens another door for H2H – targeting.  While building your customer database, i.e. with Newsletter SMS widget, it is also important to ask your subscriber about age, sex, interests or shoe size.

Using such data can be easily used in a very well-tailored campaign that meets customer expectations. It is also a perfect way to optimize costs and time – sending less is saving more.

Text message with the short link
An example of a text message
with a link shortened with

Prioritize the usability

In the world of information overload (also known as infobesity), it is difficult for a customer to understand and process every piece of content that comes to their brain. As a result, the decision-making process is much more complicated because of the presence of too much information.

Content marketing is nothing more than the creation and distribution of valuable content that answers the customers’ needs. While creating an SMS, you have to answer this question: Will my recipient find the message useful?

The useful text meets the needs, plays a specific role, educates or entertains. Such an SMS is not harmful and irritating. On the contrary, it provides the customer with a particular feeling, shows concrete reasons and contains no empty words.

How to track traffic incoming from an SMS campaign?

Looking for a more in-depth guide to measuring the effectiveness of SMS campaigns? Check out the blog post below.

Coupon code in bulk SMS campaign
An example of a text message
with a discount and URL

Speak the language of benefit

An effective SMS is the one that makes the recipient do the desired action, e.g. filling out the application form, clicking the shortened link or passing the message (about the delivery, shopping confirmation).

To make sure that you are understood properly, forget about the metaphors and hyperboles as they can only cause the opposite effect. A great message is one that puts the specific image of your brand in the recipients’ minds. Instead of the very long and confusing message, try to focus on the real value and singular goal. Make sure to also use a logo creator to make and add a professional logo to your all messages.

Final thought: know your customer

There’s nothing to be feared, it is only to be understood” – said a Polish Noble prize winner. The same applies to customer relationships. To meet their expectations and needs, you have to understand the way they think.

Try to figure out what bothers them, what stimulates their behaviour, what are the reasons for the decisions they make. What are the challenges they face? Does your product, service, message answer them?

Content marketing in SMS
An example of funny and engaging content of SMS message

These questions are nothing more than part of the buying persona creation. Buyer personas are research-based archetypal (modelled) representations of who buyers are.

Words are powerful. If you use them wisely, they can become a massive value to your business. To create great content which can be called exciting and useful, you should go along with the rules of content marketing. It requires an effort but benefits a lot – so your marketing is no longer an awful duty but a conversation, fruitful for both sides.

Even though consumers can easily defend themselves from insistent content, you can still win through the dialogue and a common understanding in your SMS campaigns.