SMS Marketing in your branch: Tourism

In the next episode in the series of articles “SMS marketing in your branch” we would like to show you how to make use of SMS communication in tourism. You’re going to learn how can a text message improve customer service and make your sales bars as high as you never even dreamed. Especially in the high season of trips, last minutes flights and intensive hotels booking.

Communications in tourism may play many roles and be beneficial for both sender and the receiver. And no matter if you’re business is a hotel, travel agency, small local hostel or an airline, at the very beginning you should answer the question: What would you like to achieve? Here’s the hints of goals you may choose.



Instant notifications


Booked places cancelled in the nick of time, late arrivals to the airport or lack of required documents may easily cause the frustration for both customer and an organizer. The best way to avoid inconveniences is to send SMS notifications (alerts) while booking and few days before the trip. Such a message can include exact time, pick-up point or the list of required documents.


Last minute chances & remarketing



SMS may become a very helpful tool if it comes to renew relations with former customers. Remarketing SMS can be useful especially for the companies which place returning customers in their strategy and care about retention. Sometimes it also happens that attendees of the trip resign in the very last moment and give a free space that could be taken. It’s a perfect occasion to send texts to former participants and offer last minute chance to buy a trip.


Customer satisfaction survey



Retention and gaining new customers is getting harder and harder, especially in such a branch as tourism. Many companies use SMS communication to gather feedback though short links leading to surveys. If a company takes its clients voice into consideration and make improvements based on it, it can only create strong brand reputation and recognition.

Customer service on the highest level


Every day our clients prove that that strong customer service during trips, flights or stays can is a key indicator of satisfaction and retention of the clients. They say it’s more effective to invest into tools supporting customer service like SMS then acquire a new client. Participants can be interested in local cuisine, new places to visit in the city. Most likely they would like to be invited for the party organized in the hotel or be remembered in some important moments in their lives (e.g. birthday). What is more, you can inform them about sudden changes in the agenda, remind about the meeting in the pick-up point – and in this case SMS is the most suitable tool because it’s fast, solid and doesn’t depend of access to the internet.


It’s not the end, learn more about many aspects of SMS marketing is tourism!

Weather, you love to play tricks

Plan of the trip should always be prepared a long time before the start, so every participant can get ready for it. Unfortunately, weathers loves to play tricks, especially when the trip seems to be buttoned up! It means sometimes you have to change your plans immediately and the best way to inform your participant is to send a text message. The same happens when you want to make some spontaneous changes in, there’s no better way to pass the information then though simple and fast SMS.