3 simple steps to create a unique consumer database for your SMS marketing campaigns

Insight is a key to cost-effective marketing, but there’s no insight without data. Have you heard about the Pareto Principle? It says that 80% of your business income comes from 20% of your clients. Not knowing your customers might be your most expensive mistake. To reach your target audience and multiply the ROI of the SMS campaign, you should build your own exclusive database.

There’s no golden rule to digital marketing, except that bought client database will eventually backfire. It happens because the group is not built naturally and does not consist of people willing to be your recipients. Not to mention all the GDPR-related troubles you risk by taking shortcuts.

Buying contacts for SMS campaign is not sustainable in the long term and will cause only disappointment, loss of money and time. Collecting data about current or potential clients is the first step towards an efficient campaign and leads generation. And it’s not that hard!

SMSAPI clients’ experience shows that the profit of an SMS campaign sent to the naturally built contact group is at least 10% greater than the one sent to a bought or rented database. So, how can you build your own database?

SMS Newsletter – collect contacts for SMS marketing

Let’s take a look into our feature designed to build databases – Newsletter SMS. It’s deceptively simple yet remarkable efficient. Furthermore, you can design it to fit your needs and match your brand identification. And, of course, SMS Newsletter is fully GDPR-compliant.

SMS Newsletter preview
Closeup on the SMS Newsletter widget

How to implement SMS Newsletter on your website?

  1. Firstly, decide what data you want to collect. Think twice about your potential customers and consider not only contact details but also demographics (age, gender) and key characteristics (interests, habits). You can use this information to personalise your SMS and target the specific audience from the database. Remember to collect only the most important data!
  2. The second step is to log in to your SMSAPI Customer Portal and define the data you want to collect. Afterwards, our system will prepare the script you can paste on your website source code. There is no need to hire Bill Gates to do it, and it is as easy as ABC! 🙂
SMS Newsletter options in Customer Portal
Preparation of the SMS Newsletter
  1. With the SMS Newsletter implemented on your website, you are ready to collect data! Each lead will be authorised via SMS and added to the group of contacts you choose or create in the Customer Portal. Ready to be used in your SMS marketing campaigns!

Make friends with permission marketing

SMS marketing example
An example of personalised SMS message

What is s also important, using your own database guarantees that your actions go along with permission marketing rules. It means you operate with the customer consent and recipients are willing to read your message.

Imagine the reaction when your potential customer, a 30-year-old young mom, reads an SMS about a 40% discount on nappies in the store nearby.  

Buying a database is exactly the opposite of permission marketing – customer will label your messages as spam. You do not want it to be called this way, do you? The bought database is a bad idea, especially when purchased at a very low price and with no references.

As marketers and entrepreneurs, we are constantly looking for creative ways to reach existing or potential customers. Before you invest your time and resources, take time to think twice about your audience, as return on investment is highly dependent on picking the right target group. Build your exclusive database via Newsletter SMS and ensure a greater volume of sales from your efforts.