Benefits from the shortened link in SMS message you didn’t even know existed

3 August, 2020
Reading time: 3 min 02 sec
Short URL in SMS marketing

Although ordinary SMS message contains only 160 characters, you can include there as long information as you like, graphic or even an app. How is that even possible you might ask? That’s what shortened link feature can bring. Giving it in your SMS message extends its possibilities – now your text can redirect recipient onto a website, that includes more information. Such solution combines fast delivery time and high SMS Open Rate with rich internet possibilities, that’s why it’s so efficient in all kind of marketing campaigns.

Shortened link – what is it exactly?

Shortened link is simply short URL address, that redirects to a selected website, you’ve provided while generating a link, will be shortened into, and will be shown in SMS in such form. Using link significantly decreases the number of used characters, but what’s more critical – gives you complete feedback about performed campaigns.

Key metrics – that’s what it’s all about

Using a shortened link allows you to gather full information about recipients behaviour after receiving your text. Detailed campaign report is generated automatically after each bulk SMS. It contains such data as mobile phone operating system (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), used mobile browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome), type o a device (e.g. iPhone) and click date.

All this information allows you to know your customer better. This opens a new opportunity to profile your campaigns more effectively and to increase your clients’ engagement.

Where to lead with a shortened link?

  • An application – this is a widespread solution because our API recognizes smartphone OS and message will provide a link that will open an app in a dedicated store (AppStore, Google Play, Windows Marketplace).
Text messages with short links
  • SMS Newsletter – if you have your recipients phone numbers, but you don’t have their e-mail addresses, you can do it anyway. Just put your newsletter to be available in a browser view and give the shortened link to this address in your SMS.
  • Discount coupon – when you start your special promo, that includes discount coupons and you want to spread them wide among your customers – send them a link that will contain downloadable coupon.
Discount coupons and codes in SMS messages

We have a brief example from one of our clients that used the potential of short link in SMS, combined with a dedicated app and social media management solution, and achieved colossal campaign success.

CTR over 31%? That’s possible!

One of our clients has sent an SMS campaign addressed to students informing about the annual biggest students party. Among people that received information regarding this event, 31% of them clicked a link that leads to a site dedicated to this event. What’s more important – 80% of recipients used the link within 1 hour after receiving SMS.

Of course, our system-generated full report that has shown on what devices, mobile operating systems and browsers their SMS was read (in 51% cases it was Android device with Google Chrome browser). Conclusions?

SMS with short link quickly reach interested recipients, but what’s crucial – link redirects them to the dedicated site, where they can find all important information. And as stated previously – knowledge about our clients’ devices and used OS and browser allows us to prepare a better, more engaging campaign for the next time.

How to measure the effectiveness of SMS marketing in Google Analytics?

You can easily monitor the traffic coming from an SMS campaign by using the UTM parameters. Just remember to add it to the link you wish to shorten. Read more about link in SMS in the article by Jan Biłyk or watch the video: