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How to Integrate Your E-commerce Platform with SMS Marketing?

26 June, 2019
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E-commerce integrations SMS marketing

The web client of SMSAPI might be enough for your first campaigns, but soon you’ll want to automate the process. Because of the rising demand for integrated communication, most companies rely on multiple e-commerce platforms. To make things easier, our SMS sending API can effortlessly be integrated with the most commonly used online shopping services. Check out the most popular e-commerce integrations of SMSAPI!

Integrate SMS communication with e-commerce system

WooCommerce integration – send automatic status SMS

SMSAPI and WooCommerce integration - send bulk SMS

Valued for its simplicity and reliability, WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce plugins for WordPress. You can expand its functionalities with numerous add-ons. The SMSAPI integration plugin created by Inspired Labs allows you to send automatic status messagesSMS notifications informing about processing, order completion and delivery are important part of e-commerce.

The installation is dead simple: either download the plugin or add it via WordPress administration panel and then activate it. Login to the SMSAPI Client Portal and generate API Token that is needed during the configuration… And it’s done! You can also use your own sender name ID (e.g. your company’s name) but be sure to activate it beforehand.

WordPress integration – database widget

SMSAPI and WordPress integration - send bulk SMS

Speaking about WordPress, did you know you can integrate SMSAPI with it? Our Newsletter SMS plugin allows you to collect phone numbers with a ready-to-use widget. The tool is GDPR-compliant and super easy to use!

The collected data is automatically synchronized with SMSAPI account making it ready to use for your campaigns. Noteworthy, the widget comes with marketing consents templates. Download and install it from the WordPress plugin page.

Opencart integration – automatic text messaging

SMSAPI and Opencart integration - send bulk SMS

Designed as an open-source e-commerce platform, Opencart can easily be modified with additional features like automatic text messaging.

The first step to integrate Opencart with SMSAPI is downloading the module. Then, upload it to the Opencart directory. Finish the installation in the Module section. Input your login and password (hashed in MD5 – you can generate it in the Client Portal) and you are ready to go! If needed, configure the settings directly in Opencart.

Zapier – send bulk SMS from any system

SMSAPI and Zapier integration - send bulk SMS

In the case of other software, we recommend using Zapier. It lets you seamlessly integrate two web services. There’s no coding required, just log in to Zapier account and connect your SMSAPI account with the desired application.

Then, you have to create automation either by using a pre-made one or by making your own. Either way, you will be guided step-by-step. The whole process should be done within minutes.

Use Zapier to connect SMSAPI with services like Magento, Gmail, Google Calendar, MailChimp, GetResponse, Shopify, Twitter, Salesforce and more! There are currently over 1500 integrations available.

Looking for more?

The list above is just a small part of SMSAPI integrations with e-commerce platforms. Visit Integrations section for the complete listing. For a more detailed explanation go to our Documentation.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, come back later as our Development Team continuously creates new features. Feel free to contact us in case of any questions or problems with integrations.