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“SMS communication in business 2017” – key findings from the report

21 March, 2018
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SMSAPI 2017 report

In the last quarter of 2017 we’ve asked nearly 200 business representatives: How do you benefit from SMS communication on the daily basis? Survey was conducted in more than 20 industries and gave us a perspective about condition of SMS communication in B2B sector in Poland. Let me present you the main findings on the research. 

SMS communication in business 2017

SMS as a tool of communication – types of messages, sending processes, building the base of customers

SMS Marketing – multichannel communication, two-way SMS, personalization, conversion

The efficiency of the SMS campaigns – analysis and measurement of results, conversion, short links

Goals achieved by SMS marketing

SMS as a tool of communication

1. Types of SMS messages used in communication

Report shows that the vast majority of companies notifies via SMS about e.g. order status, sends verification codes and reminders (73%). 40% of repondents send infomtation about current sales, discounts and new offer, 1/5 of them invites customers to the events, make birhday wishes and use SMS messages for internal communication. The less popular types are remarketing messages, contests, games and surveys.


Rarely used SMS surveys can become a great source of information about Your product or services – after-sales communication includes returns and guarantees and a chance to get the customer’s perspective.

     2.  Process of SMS messaging

The biggest amount of companies (69%) use portal of SMS provider (e.g. SMSAPI) to send messages. Another important way is to use API and integrate it with their own systems – to send messages straight from CRM or using other plugins or services integrated with SMSAPI.

     3. Building Customers Database

We found it pleasing that companies prefer to build their own customer database – only 5% of respondents choose bought external bases. It means that permission marketing is well-known and companies are aware that SMS messages work only if the recipient agrees to receive them.

Unfortunately, only 9% of respondents use our tools to expand the base – it makes a huge opportunity for these who didn’t try our Newsletter SMS or Virtual Mobile Number.


Have you ever thought about customer loyalty program? This is a great solution to keep customers close.

SMS marketing

1. Merged campaigns

The biggest ammount of companies merge SMS with different channels – e-mail, social media nad online ads.


Adding channels to the customer journey embrace your message and increases effectivity of campaigns.

2. Two-way communication

One in every 5 companies use virtual mobile number to enable two-way communication.


SMS doesn’t have to be the one-way message. Using virtual mobile number enables processes automation e.g. change the date of delivery, lead generation and gathering feedback with SMS surveys.

3. Personalization

Only 41% of companies personalize bulk SMS messages, 1/5 of them didn’t even know this feature. 23% of respondents don’t use names in messages because it doesn’t go along with their strategy of communication. At the same time companies consider personalization as a very important factor of communication and claim that it impacts conversion.


Bear in mind that the SMS channel is still perceived as a personal one. The direct approach to the receiver (using name) makes your communication warmer.

The efficiency of the SMS campaign

1. Conversion rates

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the companies do not measure conversion rates of SMS campaigns. Those who measure use the following indicators:

  • CTR (Click-Through-Rate) of links included in the message,
  • average sales increment right after the campaign,
  • number of promo codes used,
  • reactions – answers for the message, phone calls, e-mail, Facebook fan page message,
  • number of customers who show SMS with the promotion in the store,
  • the number of attendees at the events.


To make sure you use the right indicators think about your final goal – measure these factors that matter and can actually show the efficiency of the campaign.

2. Links in the message

CTR of links included in SMS message are in the most cases 11-20% and 6-10% of  even though only 40% of companies use them. It gives a huge space for improvement for the companies in the feature.


Short links like cut.li or Rebrandly don’t only give you additional space in the message but are also the way to measure cliks and get more detailed information. Use them to call your customer to action – increase website entries, registrations and passing videos and pictures.

Goals achieved by SMS marketing

  • informative (3/5 of the respondents),
  • sales (47%),
  • branding and building loyalty (32%).