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Mobile marketing strategies

The usage of mobile devices has seen a steady rise during the past years, and that trend doesn't seem to stop: it is predicted that nearly 72% of people will use their smartphones to access the internet by 2025. This represents huge opportunities for marketers around the world, who can, through the right tools and strategies, harness the power of mobile marketing to attract the attention of the audience, meet customers where they are comfortable, and grow their brands. In this article, we’ll learn what mobile marketing is, and what are some key mobile marketing strategies you can use to benefit your business. 

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LINK Mobility Soprano Design CPaaS

LINK Mobility goes global with an exclusive term sheet agreed to acquire global CPaaS player Soprano Design, which is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

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SMS, e-mail, push comparison

SMS, e-mail or push notification - which tool is best suited to lead marketing campaigns and communicate with customers? We've prepared an infographic that compares three different types of messages received on mobile phones and smartphone.

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Expert says Kinga Edwards Brainy Bees Customer Experience

If you run a business, then you probably already know the importance of customer experience. For every company, having satisfied customers is half the battle to success. Meeting their needs both in terms of the products or services offered and customer experience will be very beneficial for business. Providing a high level of after-sales service and maintaining high-quality communication can really help with that. Did you know that, depending on the item, customers are able to pay even a 16% premium on the price if they have a high-level customer experience?

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SMSAPI Do It Yourself Users Management

Welcome to the next part of SMSAPI Do it yourself Guide. In this part you will learn how to manage users of your account in the SMSAPI Customer Portal. 

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SMSAPI Do It Yourself Short Links

Welcome to the next part of SMSAPI Do it yourself Guide. In this part you will learn how to use short links as a part of SMS message and analyse their effectiveness. 

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