5 habits of highly effective SMS communication

There are some conversations, small talks or messages you will never forget. One sentence or a few characters and you say “Wow, how cooool was that!”. It does not always matter which channel is used but the specific way it is expressed. Nutritious, engaging & useful message – this is what your customer is waiting for.

Data shows that 99% of SMS are being opened within 3 seconds after delivery. However, if you want to do it well and outdistance the competition, you should develop some habits of SMS communication.

  1. Own database of customers

As they say, if a mussel doesn’t open, don’t eat it. The same happens with the content that is unwanted. On that account, your SMS campaigns should go along with the rules of permission marketing. Simply saying, it means sending messages only to these people who agreed on it and added their numbers to the base via Newsletter SMS on your website or other sources.

“Consent to receive the commercial information is not only required by law. It is also the way to increase the efficiency of your SMS campaign. Of course, it is possible to buy an external database of customers. Nevertheless it may not bring any effects because recipients do not expect a message from your company.” – said Andrzej Ogonowski, Brand & PR Director in SMSAPI

  1. Introduction

Receivers don’t like anonymous messages. Their brain automatically ignores them and treats as spam. As a result, your efficiency goes lower and lower and you feel like your message has been sent for nothing. You will be more reliable if you specify what word or a phrase will be displayed as a sender on recipient’s phone. Warning: don’t use random sender’s number.


  1. Personalization and targeting

The more you know about the customer, the better your message can be. Think about day-to-day communication, you react on a call only when you hear your name, don’t you? This is how selective mind works like. To make your SMS communication personal, you can use custom information fields and change “Hello!” into “Hello Mr. Simpson!”. It not only creates a great deal of positive emotions but also reduces psychological barrier between sender and the receiver. What’s more, it’s highly cost-effective to gather more data about your customers, i.e. age, city, gender or interests. You can use it to extract the best target group from the whole database. A penny saved is a penny earned!


  1. Sticking to the point

160 characters to express yourself clearly. Yes, it’s more than possible! Your message should be very specific and concise to pass the most important content and call the customer to action. To achieve this goal, show all the benefits for the receiver (i.e. discount or a free gadget) in the very first sentence. Text message may be just the beginning of a purchasing process, so invite him to visit your website. You can use a shortened link in SMS to decrease characters count but also measure the success of the campaign. Do not forget that people love receiving discounts and vouchers. Why can’t you make your customer happy and generate a special discount code for the customer? It’s easy. Remember to  approach your customer gently & directly, use imperative to create CTA (Call to Action) i.e. do it!, buy!, come!.

  1. Enough is enough

I guess you don’t want to become a nightmare for your clients? It’s much better to respect their everyday routine than to wake them up in the middle of the night with a message “come, visit our store!”. Nothing good will come out of it. Therefore, while planning your SMS campaign take time into consideration and adjust your message to the season or special events i.e. Christmas or birthdays.

“We become what we repeatedly do” S. Covey said. If you develop habits presented above while communicating via SMS, you will primarily discover a great progress in your statistics and outstanding loyalty of customers. To outdistance the competitor, the priority of your actions should be given to the strong relations with customer based on quality in every single step.