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PR & Content Marketing Manager at SMSAPI - global bulk SMS messaging platform. Maja is responsible for brand marketing, namely lead acquisition, client relationship, content marketing, social media, and long-term PR strategy.
SMS marketing tips

People don't buy what you do, but why you do it - Simon Sinek said. Before you start your journey with SMS marketing you should firstly discover your "why" and set up a detailed plan with MoSes (Measures of Success). Behind your actions there should always be the reason, therefore we present 6 arguments in favor of SMS communication.  

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SMSAPI SMS Personalization Guide

Why keeping your contacts base always up-to-date, with all essential data like name, sex, age or address, gives you a huge advantage when creating SMS campaigns? Because you can use that information to personalize your campaigns! Read the basic know-how on to personalize SMS messages.

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5 SMS Marketing Tools You Might Not Have Heard About

SMS marketing is most often associated with bulk SMS. However, there are many sophisticated tools at its disposal worth getting acquainted with. It goes without saying that the efficiency of marketing in a particular channel depends on how well you know it. I will try to introduce not only the lesser-known SMS marketing tools, but I will also provide hints on what to use them for.

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Gym and fitness clubs are great if you want to improve your shape, reduce body fat or just increase physical fitness. Most people like to take part in fitness classes or work under the eye of a personal trainer. All those activities listed above are great if done regularly. This is when the SMS communication comes in handy!

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Time in SMS campaign

Short, precise and valuable content? Check! Added value for the client? Ready! Content personalization? Done! Before you hit send in the Customer Portal you should take one more thing into consideration. The time of the delivery is essential and in most situations can determine the effectiveness of the whole campaign. In other words, choose your timing wisely.

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5 habits of highly effective SMS communication

From time to time, you stumble across advertisement messages that make you say “Wow, how cool is that”. It does not always matter which channel was used but the specific way it was expressed. Nutritious, engaging & useful – those are the values your customers are waiting for. How to write such messages?

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