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SMS Marketing in your branch: Education

Education is a key point of our lives. As the new school year has just begun in Poland, we have decided to continue our serie of blog posts about SMS marketing in various branches. More and more educational institutions use SMS to be in a constant touch with parents, students and for internal communication purposes. How? 

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SMS Marketing in your branch: Tourism

In the next episode in the series of articles "SMS marketing in your branch" we would like to show you how to make use of SMS communication in tourism. You're going to learn how can a text message improve customer service and make your sales bars as high as you never even dreamed. Especially in the high season of trips, last minutes flights and intensive hotels booking.

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SMSAPI is about to join international Link Mobility Group 💪

We're aiming higher, that's obvious! This the reason we have just signed a term sheet regarding joining Norwegian Link Mobility group. Being a part of the group will become a milestone for our development on European markets. Cool, isn't it? 🚀

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E-mail Booster – SMS supports e-mail marketing!

We have just launched a new tool! From now you will be able to make your e-mail marketing more effective with a little help of SMS. E-mail Booster, simple tool available in SMSAPI panel, will enhance your productivity, e-mail open rates and customer engagement. Interesting, isn't it?

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Time matters! How to schedule your SMS campaign?

Short, precise and valuable content? Done! Added value for the client? Got it! Content personalization? Ready! And the SMS campaign is still not beneficial? The reason may be the time of campaign incorrectly estimated. We are here to choose the most relevant day, hour and frequency of your content campaign.

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SMS advertising – code of good practice for marketers

Mobile marketing that includes bulk SMS may become a highly effective way of communication with a wide audience. This communication includes both reaching the potential client and strengthen ties with the ones you've already gained. The only condition to make this mission successful is to follow some rules of SMS marketing. You will find them all below!

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