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Merry Christmas via SMS – how to prepare a breathtaking Holiday campaign

Holiday season is in its full, and brands are doing what they can to attract their customers. It’s obvious that, despite winter, this is very hot (especially in sales) season. Everyone wants to take a part form this Christmas for himself. It’s definitely a time to get remembered and communicate in a new way. That’s the part when you should think about SMS, as new communication tool.

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Brace yourself, Black Friday is coming!

Time passes by like crazy! In 5 weeks from now we will open the Christmas gifts. Though it sounds odd, colorful baubles, reindeers and “Last Christmas” totally came into play all around. The first sign of the Christmas fever are Black Friday and Cyber Monday – between 25. and 28. of November your clients expect the biggest sale of the year and they will be able to spend more money and time in your store or an online shop.

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3 simple steps to create a unique consumer database for your marketing campaigns

Have your heard about the Pareto Principle? It says that 80 percent of your business comes from 20 percent of your clients. Not knowing your customers might be the most expensive mistake you have made. To reach your target audience and multiply ROI of marketing campaings, you should build your own exclusive database.

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SMS in your branch: hotels

I should not explain how important it is to create your hotels’ image based on a clear communication. Your facility may be equipped with the best ancient furniture, be professionally designed and have the greatest decorations. Unfortunately, it won’t be useful if your online and offline appearance shows the opposite.

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5 habits of highly effective SMS communication

There are some conversations, small talks or messages you will never forget. One sentence or a few characters and you say “Wow, how cooool was that!”. It does not always matter which channel is used but the specific way it is expressed. Nutritious, engaging & useful message – this is what your customer is waiting for.

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