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PR & Content Marketing Manager at SMSAPI - global bulk SMS messaging platform. Maja is responsible for brand marketing, namely lead acquisition, client relationship, content marketing, social media, and long-term PR strategy.
3 simple steps to create a unique consumer database for your SMS marketing campaigns

Insight is a key to cost-effective marketing, but there's no insight without data. Have you heard about the Pareto Principle? It says that 80% of your business income comes from 20% of your clients. Not knowing your customers might be your most expensive mistake. To reach your target audience and multiply the ROI of the SMS campaign, you should build your own exclusive database.

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Text emoji in SMS marketing

Since a few days, you can use ‪‎emoji‬ in your SMS‬ created and send via ‪‎SMSAPI‬ Customer Portal. Still – not many brands use such a feature, that’s why it’s a perfect way to differentiate your business from the competition. See how to use emoticons and emojis in SMS communication.

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Valentine SMS Campaign

How to use SMS marketing to increase sales on Valentine's Day? SMS powered with ❤️ might be the answer if used wisely. Below you'll find everything you need to know, examples of effective text messages, campaigns, and statistics from past years. 

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Key performance indicators (KPI) of SMS marketing

The vast majority of companies do not analyze SMS marketing conversions – shows our report “SMS Communication in Poland”. Those who care about the campaigns' effectiveness measure it using the CTR (Click-through rate) of the link in the message, average sales increase or the percentage of discount codes used. What factors should be considered to call a campaign successful? Read about KPI in SMS marketing.

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Christmas SMS inspirations

The holiday season is in its full, and brands are doing what they can to attract the customers. It’s obvious that, despite winter, this is a very hot season for all the sales departments. Everyone wants to take part in the Christmas shopping madness. It’s definitely a time to get noticed and communicate in a new way!

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SMS marketing for Black Friday 2020

Time passes by like crazy! In a few weeks from now, we will open the Christmas gifts. Though it sounds odd, colourful baubles, reindeers and “Last Christmas” totally came into play all around. The first sign of the Christmas fever is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Your clients expect the biggest sale of the year, and they are willing to spend more in your store!

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