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PR & Content Marketing Manager at SMSAPI - global bulk SMS messaging platform. Maja is responsible for brand marketing, namely lead acquisition, client relationship, content marketing, social media, and long-term PR strategy.
Short URL in SMS marketing

Although ordinary SMS message contains only 160 characters, you can include there as long information as you like, graphic or even an app. How is that even possible you might ask? That’s what shortened link feature can bring. Giving it in your SMS message extends its possibilities – now your text can redirect recipient onto a website, that includes more information. Such solution combines fast delivery time and high SMS Open Rate with rich internet possibilities, that’s why it’s so efficient in all kind of marketing campaigns.

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SMS Content Marketing

In the times of omnipresent technology, we receive an enormous amount of information from far and near – no matter if we want it or not. Colourful billboards, product placement while watching your favourite series or looped video full of ads – the man on the street is inundated with 100 messages a day. However, one can remember just 10% of them. There's a way to bypass the clutter.

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4 Baby Steps to Begin with SMS Messaging

Did you know that 61% of people check their phones within five minutes after waking up? We do shopping on public transportation, looking for discounts and checking products on Instagram - with our noses in our phones. Isn’t it a great chance to send SMS with a significant discount to help the customer to make the purchase happen? Discover 4 simple steps to begin your journey with SMS messaging!

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SMS Marketing in E-commere Ultimate Guide

Good old school SMS. You probably think there’s no place for such a thing of the past in modern e-commerce, whereas it turns out that in some situations it is much more effective than other ways of communication with the client. Instant notifications, delivery statuses and engaging two-way conversations – this is the power of SMS messages. It seems like 160 characters make a real difference. 

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Unsubscribe from SMS

It might be counterintuitive, but yes, customers will unsubscribe from your databases, both e-mail and SMS. It is a natural trend, and if you look at it in the perspective of permission marketing, it can bring more benefits than the potential losses. Why?

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AIDA in SMS marketing and B2C communication

Without a doubt, an SMS message is one of the most effective ways of communication at every stage of the purchasing process. Text messaging supports sales and customer service – as long as the campaign is well-prepared. This article is a lesson of using the potential of SMS marketing at different steps of business communication.

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