Let him go – Opt-out SMS as a tool to keep your database more efficient!

Yes, customers will unsubscribe from your databases, both e-mail and SMS. This is a natural trend and if you look at it in the perspective of permission marketing, it can bring more benefits than potential loss. Why?

Is content the only king?

When you think about SMS marketing, I bet there is one main thought in your mind – content! You should definitely care for the quality of it – fruity, useful content, personalization and appropriate frequency can nail your campaign. Yes, it’s all important but it will not perform well if you don’t take a step back and build a strong database of people who are willing to receive your messages. It also means that you should allow to let your customers leave the database whenever they want and keep only these who are prospective clients.

Perfect database

Valuable database is the one that contains people potentially interested in buying your product or your returning customers. Keeping random people in the base can easily ruin your budget and even arouse negative feelings towards your brand. If you show the customer a simple way to unsubscribe, he/she will feel the respect for the brand and expose your belief in the value of the product. We were all victims of e-mail spam, calls from unknown telemarketers or text messages from questionable sources in which we can not identify the sender and what’s worse – unsubscribe. Such marketing does not work!

Welcome Opt-out SMS feature on board

The awareness of this mechanism is more and more visible. Allowing easy resignation, for example from mailing, is not only required by GDPR – we found it natural and permission marketing-compatible to bring the same standard in SMS marketing and create a new SMSAPI feature – Opt-out SMS.

From now on every user of the SMSAPI client panel can include shortened URL in the content of SMS. Link automatically unsubscribes receiver from the database in a given account in SMSAPI Customer panel. As a result, only valuable contacts remain in the database, points are saved on your account, and SMS messages are received only by those who are most interested in your product/service.


Pro tip

Opt-out SMS can become a great tool to update your old database and make it GDPR-compliant.

Do you have any questions about the new feature? Do not hesiste to contact us!