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SMSAPI Account Security Guide

Security is not taken lightly here at SMSAPI. After all, on user accounts’ of our clients is stored sensitive data about their customers. The most basic rules regarding password security will protect you against the majority of threats. That is why, we have decided to gather and present all system-based solutions that will help you secure your account even further. Discover multifactor authentication, secure encryption, tokens, and IP listing.

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SMSAPI SMS Crisis Management

Why in the era of ubiquitous messengers and social media, brands prefer to send the most critical updates via SMS? The old standard of text messages helps public institutions, offices, and companies to effectively communicate safety and health matters. Its huge advantage is immediate, direct access, without the need for an Internet connection or application installation. Discover the applications of SMS in times of limited travel, closed stores, and remote work.

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SMSAPI Transactional SMS Guide How to send

La comunicazione via SMS è molto più della semplice messaggistica orientata alle vendite. Scopri come la tua azienda può beneficiare della messaggistica automatizzata. Gli SMS commerciali sono considerati uno standard negli ambiti dell’e-commerce e dell’assistenza clienti, ma possono rivelarsi utilissimi anche in altri contesti. Di seguito, ti esporremo alcune casistiche d’utilizzo tipiche, chiarendo come sia possibile sfruttare al meglio ogni opportunità.

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SMSAPI ProTrainUp Deportes SMS IT Interview

Las soluciones modernas se han asentado en el deporte para bien. Las novedades tecnológicas no solo están presentes en los estadios, el equipamiento y los accesorios, sino también en los bolsillos de entrenadores y jugadores. Sobre estos servicios hablo con el cofundador de ProTrainUp, una empresa que ha irrumpido con fuerza en el mercado sport IT polaco. ¡Os invitamos a leer nuestra entrevista con Tomasz Cybulski!

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SMSAPI SMS Marketing Business Guide

A text message is a fundamental communication tool for companies and public institutions. Brands send notifications, offer messages and engage with their customers via SMS. Read on to find out how to start business mass messaging in your company!

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SMSAPI 2019 Summary

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the Business Gazelle. This is the fifth consecutive time that the jury of the most dynamically growing small and medium companies ranking recognized SMSAPI. We would like to present to you the key events and achievements that made it possible.

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