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SMSAPI Permission Marketing SMS

What’s the permission marketing and why it is so important to remember about the consent which goes further than checkboxes? It's a matter of respect for privacy, time and a common sense. Without them you will be forever stuck on a spam heap. Finally, how can you use this knowledge in your company’s communication? 

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Gino Rossi SMS Marketing SMSAPI

What's the most important in SMS marketing? Surely, you have to remember about writing engaging content, selecting proper target group and abiding audience's preferences and privacy. In other words, you have to abide to content and permission marketing guidelines. SMS communication conducted by Gino Rossi company is an example of consistent and well-thought multi-channel marketing.

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We did it again! This year we broke last year’s record of 80 million mobile messages, by sending out 106 million mobile messages during Black Friday. This markedly increase in the number of messages speaks for itself - there probably is no bigger retail event in the year than Black Friday.

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